Thursday, 16 November 2017

Why Spain, Club Med & club Corbyn countries become basket cases

In the days after Rowland Hill introduced our postal service there was 6 deliveries and collections daily in London. I am currently relaxing in Santa Cruz the capital of not just Tenerife but the whole Canaries archipelago population c 4 million. My wife sent me a card on Saturday that still has not arrived so I asked at hotel reception today Thursday when the post was delivered. Oh said the girl every 3 days usually, if they feel like it. Needs a dose of postie Johnson to sort things out.

It was the same when my son tried to open a bank account. That took him, a lawyer and fluent Spanish speaker 2 flights out and 3 weeks to open. Property transactions seem to involve around 6 different local authority all naturally located in different offices with different opening hours. The police are also always involved.

Maybe you can look forward to this when comrade Corbyn and Dent Coad come to power in the UK as now seems increasingly likely.

Maybe fact finding trips have a value if you do it yourself Jezza. and you will find plenty of basket cases if you look for baskets. You won't find them wandering on Hampstead Heath called Tracy.

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