Friday, 17 November 2017

I have been here before

That was the title of J B Priestly's play on precognition versus freewill. I could only listen to fat Lady Nuggee last night on R5 Question Time talking about how leaving the EU will cost the jobs of ordinary working people to be reminded of Shirley Williams, another Left wing intellectual who like Nuggee has never done a proper job in her life making exactly the same arguments in the 1975 Referendum using exactly  the same project fear doom laden words. Nothing ever changes. We had the dragged through a bush backwards daughter of testament of youth Vera Brittan now we have fat Nuggee, Islington landlord and wife of a high court judge telling the working class she knows what's best for them. She nor her hubby are not seeing their comfortable life style threatened by uncontrolled EU immigration. I am sure I could find a Romanian judge prepared to work for half the salary of Sir Nuggee but somehow that never seems to High  Court judges only to us plebs. We might even get better decisions from a non public school boy judge with some real experience of life doing a proper job.

The other similarity between 1975 and now is that the argument the political class want to take on was about the "economy" a vague meaningless phrase beloved of that other great conman and sex pest Bill Clinton.. Nugee wants as our top priority be to take care of the economy. Sounds a bit like P.rince Charles talking to his Highgrove plants. Concept. like freedom and democracy are obviously too difficult for the wife of a High Court judge to grasp. Mrs Nuggee seems quite happy to hand over power to a foreign court to tell us what to do. I suppose her hubby likes it that way as well, preferable to being bossed around by his wife.

Subjugation to the ECJ makes us a colony of the EU. Give Mugabe his due one of his first acts was to rid his country of subjugation to a foreign court and judges. You can always learn worthwhile lessons from unlikely people.

If the Referendum was about any thing it was to rid ourselves of the yoke of the ECJ.  That is the primary core issue. Economics is secondary.Only Rees Mogg is saying this with any clarity. Don't let the fat lady cloud the issue and muddy the water. Our time has come to free ourselves of the dictatorship of the self appointed elite.


Stephen Harness said...

If the EU worked for the whole of the UK, my area would now be a paradise. An estuary facing Europe with major docks and industrial land. Peter Shore could have been talking about the south bank of the River Humber when he debated at the Oxford Union referendum debate in 1975. Sadly it has not worked and my area is a wasteland by comparison to 1975.
"Don't you see what that is going to do to the prosperity of this country?"

Eric Edmond said...

Yes and it bankrupted Liverpool and Glasgow so a double whammy loss.

FW said...

Forget about Fat Lady Nuggee, I see Fat Lady Fuller is caterwauling! Not a pretty sight nor a pretty sound, but hugely entertaining!