Monday, 20 November 2017

May and Hammond are political incompetents and have to go like Cameron & Osborne

T May has been an MP for 20 years and like the Bourbons she forgets nothing and learns nothing. Calling an unnecessary General Election in the belief it would be fought on her terms was pure folly and showed such political naivete that makes her clearly unqualified to be PM. In general elections oppositions will sensibly always choose to fight on their best ground not on what the government wants to fight on. So Jezza fought on appealing promises and came close to winning with May at the end looking frightened, weak and wobbly not strong and stable as she claimed.

Her useless Chancellor did his bit by alienating large sections of the Tory core vote, t.he elderly and the self employed. Hammond  does what what Sir Jeremy Cover up tells him as does Mrs May. If they agree to hand over further up front large sums to the EU Labour will skin the alive. Does tin ear Hammond not hear the NHS, schools. police, armed forces and every other UK  public service crying out for more money. Giving 40, 50,or 60bn to the EU will incense he UK public. It will only please Hammond's big business chums and ensure many lucrative future lobs for him when he resigns as Chancellor.(.Please let it be soon!) Jezza and McDonnell do not have to do anything but wait for May's next cock up. The Turkeys are voting for Jezza's  and Sir Jeremy's Xmas. 

Both May and Hammond have to go .Mogg and Gove look a better pairing to me


Frank said...

I wholeheartedly agree with you when you write this:
"Calling an unnecessary General Election in the belief it would be fought on her terms was pure folly and showed such political naivete that makes her clearly unqualified to be PM."

However, on 18 April, after May had called the election, you wrote this:
"Its a bold move by the Vicar's daughter that deserves to succeed."

Quite an about-turn!

Eric Edmond said...

Indeed I did say that but I did not imagine she would execute such a non-campaign with such a poor manifesto. It was poor execution that finally did for her but in retrospect still a strategic error that has established Jezza as Labour leader. That might turn out to the Tories advantage in the long run but May won't be the one to benefit. The Tories will rightly never trust her again. She has turned out have feet of clay and butter fingers. Maybe she should be in Oz with England's cricketers a game she loves.

Eric Edmond said...

Frank's comments are correct. I was thinking that if one says to a minister that their proposed actions are brave it usually produces a Jim Hacker type retreat. Mrs May is Jim Hacker in a skirt perhaps.

Stephen Harness said...

She should have gone on June 9th.

Frank said...

Fair enough, Dr Edmond, I accept your very honestly argued explanation. You are particularly correct to highlight the manifesto. The opinion polls did not greatly move from the initially massive Tory lead for the whole first month of the campaign, until the launch of the disastrous manifesto and the ensuing panic which then engulfed May and her team.

She should indeed go - but wherever she goes, please do not make it Oz. Things will be difficult enough for England down under without the Maybot putting the kibosh on things, as she puts on everything she goes near!

Anonymous said...

May didn't want to win for the obvious reason, being a remainer, and failed to lose. Carefully fine tuned election. Part of the plan to stay in.

Eric Edmond said...

I should have added in briefing Ministers brave means risky. I cannot escape Jim Hacker & Sir Humphrey now reincarnated as Sir Cover up Heywood and T May.

Frank said...

I agree, Dr Edmond. Hacker & Sir Humphrey made us laugh for the best of reasons, May & Heywood make us laugh only with derision.