Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Hammond has another failure

It is one of my wife's favourite theses that failures appoint other failures like themselves. She was talking about some UK surgery departments that have a long term history of poor performance stretching well over 50 years brought about by 'Sir' appointing his former students and associates to fill new posts in the department. This is a depressing feature of medical life usually expressed by GPs as speciality X has always been a bit dodgy at University Y.

The same goes in politics, Cameron and Osborne etc but there the egos are so huge a bust up like Blair and Brown is inevitable eventually. It particularly happens with PMs and Chancellors who, if their government is to succeed  must be joined at the hip  Hence May not up to the job as PM  appoints Hammond as Chancellor who is also not up to the job either with Rudd as failure in waiting for a vacancy in either position.

Today's Hammond budget was pathetic by any standards. It lacked any coherent message.If you are short of ammo as Hammond was concentrate your fire and keep it short and do not  set up committees , targets etc .as I am sure he was advised by the Civil Service. Be seen as a man of action. Announce if work has not started on planned housing developments within 6 months I will step in with a compulsory purchase order to get things moving..  That will at least be cheaper than giving £50 bn plus to the EU. Abolish stamp duty entirely on houses costing less than £500k. Up free childcare to 40 hours a week. Be bold and keep it simple! What you do is secondary just be seen to be doing something clear that the Public will understand.

But May and Hammond are cut from the same gutless cloth. Hence the EU are walking all over us in these waste of time Brexit negotiations. Just say if the EU don't compromise in the December meeting we will go to WTO rules March 2019 but the truth is both May and Hammond  have been taken prisoners by the Civil Service machine and neither has the wit or guts to stand up  to Sir Jeremy. The way out is for Tory back benchers.who are going to lose their seats if things continue as they are to rise up and give May and Hammond the black spot .Otherwise its an open goal even Jezza won't miss


Frank said...

Good write-up.

I know it's just a typo when you write "planned hosing developments", but I can't resist observing that it would make a delicious freudian slip too, when May and Hammond are doing nothing more than firefighting instead of governing!

Eric Edmond said...

Thx Frank, typing is not my strongest suit. I will correct it but leave your comment.

Stephen Harness said...

Jezza will probably let councils build council housing and I tend to think it should happen. The larger private housing schemes will float on market demand.
We had better think about training brickies etc and reopening brickworks etc. That is unless Chinese-owned factory built houses will become the norm to plug the gap (factories owned by China, that is).

Anonymous said...

Was it 300,000 houses p.a. heard say that's just enough for every gimmegrant. UK will soon be built over with all the necessary additional infrastructure leaving less for food production etc. What, or should that be where, next?