Friday, 24 November 2017

The Irish and their troubles

My entire adult life from the mid 1960s has been blighted by the Irish and their endless troubles. They invented victim hood and have wallowed in it ever since. The Israelis showed that the way to deal with terrorists popping to and fro over the border was just build a wall This has never been looked at seriously by the UK government. The Irish wall would certainly be shorter than the Israeli one and cheaper to build. It is the current favoured option of Donald Trump on the US Mexico border enough to rouse the BBC to a bien pensant frenzy.

Wall building has a long history of reducing border problems by keeping unwanted people out. Hadrian c 200 AD, the Chinese even earlier c  250 BC, Offa's dyke 800 AD They all worked for a good while at keeping undesirables out.. The Berlin Wall was different.It was designed to keep people in!. 

Am I the only person to become irritated by the Irish government trying to derail our Brexit and exploit it for their political aim of a United Ireland, a problem that has bedevilled British governments since Gladstone.

The Irish government is now supporting the EU in Brexit something it is of course entitled to do but they should remember that when they found themselves short of £7bn in Nov 2010 it was the UK not the EU that lent it to them. Even then the Irish moaned about the interest rate and Osborne reduced it in 2012 to match Eurobond rates. The loan is not due to be totally repaid until 2021. Remind the Paddys we will want to see our money back. The Irish government is facing a vote of confidence it might well lose.

The Irish have created mayhem in their own country. Don't let them wreck our Brexit.for our country's sake.


Niall Warry said...

You are sounding more like Donald Trump by the day :-)

Eric Edmond said...

He has got more hair,money and women than me

Anonymous said...

Had the EU not insisted on asking until they got the right answer would we be where we are.