Saturday, 25 November 2017

I am ashamed of our PM Theresa May

I can remember back to when Anthony Eden was PM and John Prescott was his drinks waiter on the Queen Elizabeth. I have always felt that all our PMs loved our country and would stand up for it in International meetings and defend it against Johnny Foreigner. They all had some worthwhile talent and although I did not agree with all they did I never doubted they were on our side and Yes I admired and respected them.

I feel ashamed of May.She is  a weak, craven, silly woman now doing our country great harm in the Brexit negotiations. She has no idea how to negotiate anything and Barnier,  Juncker and Tusk are just walking all over us. She is making our country a laughing stock and a pushover for Sir Cover Up and his EU friends. She bears the impression and spouts the views of the last bureaucrat who sat on  her. That's usually Sir Cover Up but on occasions has even been undertaker Hammond.

I remember  a minister I once worked for saying that did not see the point of his attending meetings on topics he knew nothing about so could we just please just get on with it and run  the final conclusions past him. There is no shame in admitting your lack of expertise in some areas. It happens most often in military matters where ministers defer to General's superior knowledge.

There is a famous Punch cartoon called dropping the pilot.I quote from Wikepedia

Dropping the Pilot is a political cartoon by Sir John Tenniel, first published in the British magazine Punch on 29 March 1890. It depicts Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, as a maritime pilot, stepping off a ship (perhaps a reference to Plato's ship of state), idly and unconcernedly watched by a young Wilhelm II, German Emperor

Tenniel was also famous for illustrating Alice in Wonderland.

Any way here is the 1890  Tenniel cartoon on when Kaiser Bill ditched Bismark

Image result

The metaphor is still apt to this day .I quote from a Pilot's duties

While captains are in-charge of ships, the role of a maritime pilot is equally important. Te duties of maritime pilots are quite different from that of the ship’s captain. As the name suggests, Marine pilots help in manoeuvring ships while arriving or departing a port.
Change port to Brexit and you have why May should hand over these negotiations to a specialist.

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