Sunday, 26 November 2017

Paddys and Jocks expose great weakness in EU nation building

The fact that the Paddys want to torpedo Brexit comes as no surprise. Ditto for Nicola,the Queen of Scots. They both will do anything to damage what they see as the English empire. It goes back a long way certainly to Cromwell and his military success in both countries which generated a hatred of the English that persists to this day.As a Jock I have never this English hatred .I do from time to time find the English mildly annoying. Andy Murray wins as a British player but loses as a Scot! But I  find Yanks even more irritating.

To the true EU phile like my neighbour  Paddy  Ashdown such differences are to be ignored and we should  all become Europeans and love each other. This a Lib Dem pious hope. It does not take much contact with the EU bureaucrats to realise those of different nationalities hate each other but they can all agree that they hate the Brits more. On these fragile foundations the great EU structure is built.

Whatever Cromwell did in Ireland over 300 years ago it was two orders of magnitude less than what Hitler did in Europe and Napoleon before him.

My mother's great friend an Austrian nurse conscripted into German military hospital during the war and Russian, British, French  and American run hospitals just after the war always said the Brits ran things best and the French were as bad as  the Russians. I do wish our EU phile friends would look at how things are between  European nations not as Lib Dems imagine them to be.As for the EU keeping the peace where were they when the Serbs were killing Muslims in the Balkans. That has a historical angle to. Kosovo was the site of the great Muslim victory over the Serbs c 1450 but it was NATO not the EU that sorted the mess out.

Human memories last a long time and no amount of sloppy Lib Dem wishful thinking will change that.I remember an EU Brit diplomat telling me that the bottom line was they all hate each other but as long as we are there to hate more it will remain hidden from the BBC and hence from the great British public.

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