Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Non UK Realpolitik of Brexit

Let us look at what the other sides want from us ie turn the board thru 180 degrees But firsy who are the players? For us it is simple. we are in a struggle for our existence as an independent country. If we lose we become a colony of the Franco Prussian EU Empire.

Right now there are a number of countries playing politics for their own agenda with our future as an independent country. First the Southern Irish with the ever present  threat of their resurgent armed wing the IRA if we do not give them what they want a unified Ireland with Dublin its nominal capital.but  of course just another EU colony. British PMs have given into this blackmail over the last 50 years and seen over 2500 of their citizens murdered as a result. In the late 70s Callaghan's Irish Sec, Ron Mason was grinding the IRA into small pieces by simply rigorously applying the rule of law to them but Callaghan lost the 79 election to Thatcher who in the finest British tradition of changing working policies because they were not their's scrapped Mason's policies,installed  the ineffective H Atkins and thus let the IRA back in the game. They five years later thanked  Thatcher for her kindness to them by trying to kill her at The Grand Hotel, Brighton. Norman Tebbit, who was left with a crippled wife, has not forgotten.

If the Irish free state get their wish of Irish unity there will be a blood bath in Ireland where the EU can deploy their new army. Let us see how the Paddys like their new friends, the EU Wehrmacht. To avoid this the Irish demands for unity must be resisted.

Then there is my own country, Scotland whose government  wants to dictate terms to the rest of the UK,stay in the Single Market,the Customs Union and hence under the jurisdiction of the ECJ. They lost their referendum 55 to 45. I was part of the 45 but unlike the BBC I believe in democracy and accepted the result. The SNP know the  UK government can never give into their demands.In the best traditions of the Scots and the Irish they are just making as much trouble for the English as they can.

Then there is the fifth column led by Sourface, Clarke and Benn trying to force HMG to show its hand something the EU have clearly stated they won't do with its negotiating papers. That's called getting screwed on the high moral ground something Lib Dems love doing. These people want Brexit to fail so they can say told you so in their smug condescending way.  Better for them that the EU grinds us into the dirt than Brexit succeeds for the UK.They have no love or respect for the ordinary decent people of the UK.

Finally there is the official opposition led by Juncker, Barnier, Tusk, Verhofstadt and loads more on the EU payroll. They want two things, our money to continue to fund their lavish lifestyle.and a European army so they can crush opposition that threatens their great delusions or as the French say pour encourager les autres. They are petrified we will be the hole in their dyke.

And I almost forgot a motley collection of 26 mid European states who want to feast on the British corpse. They will soon find out they will be the entree, the main course and  afters for the rapidly diminishing Franco Prussian feast. Then history will repeat itself and these mid Europeans will come begging for the hated Anglo Saxons to save them from the master race and its monkey but at present as in 1940 we stand alone but not for long methinks.

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