Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Why Hammond and his chums support the EU

I learned in the civil service that if you have what people want for their next career move you have them in your power. Looked at from the other end who have what do Hammond and his chums want as their next lucrative job after they leave politics at which to be honest they will leave, according to Enoch Powell's dictum as failures?

So who has what do these failures want? Big corporates have what they want mainly via the non executive director and advisor route.dished out on the old boys network to those who have done favours to the company while in government. These jobs pay anything from£20 k to £60k and  you can have as many as can get. Its also very popular with retired Generals etc who have the Ministers ear but it only goes to good boys who when in power support the company's aims.

The EU is a corporatist dream. All you have to do is get the EU rules set up to suit your company.The CBI specialises in this service and hence is rabidly pro EU.

Its simple and it all comes down to the love of money which as St  Paul says is the root of all evil. St Paul new all about business. His first European convert,Lydia, was a big time cloth merchant whose contacts St Paul no doubt used to spread his gospel over the Eastern Med shipping routes. 

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