Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Our Brexit is being given away by Mrs May

Another day, anther Brussels shambles created by Mrs May. Its not rocket science to run the exact text of your proposed offer past your crucial allies before you divulge it to a third party who will leak it to further their own political agenda. Mrs May did not do this. Again she has been shown to be a weak  and silly woman, a prisoner of her two senior civil servants Heywood & Robbins who are writing the drafts of these offers which seem to be leaked as soon as they are written.

The EU's Tusk has given Eire a veto on any proposed agreement. The DUP have rightly demanded a veto as well. The Scots and Welsh have demanded a similar deal for their countries. The London Mayor wants the same for his fiefdom. This is chaos.

May, Advised by Heywood & Robbins has taken the negotiations into her own hands and David Davies has been frozen out. DD is a competent negotiator..May is a disastrous negotiator. We lose every time she opens her mouth. The 1922 committee must act and organise a leadership election to save their party and our country. After the election Heywood & Robbins should be  pensioned off and two  new appointments made of expert negotiators from UK business untainted by Civil Service culture.

As a holding position we should announce we will after March 2019 trade on WTO rules and we will look at EU request for further payments from us on a case by case basis where the EU produces evidence to support its financial claims.

We can no longer tolerate May's incompetence.

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