Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Theresa May is a coward and unfit to be our PM

I am grateful to Andrew Cadman to articulated this so clearly in the Conservative Woman blog.

There used to be a  recruitment poster in WWI designed to shame men into volunteering that sums Mrs May up.

Mrs May is the one in the 3 piece suit.

What did Theresa May do during the great referendum debate? She hid behind the sofa in her Home Office whilst better, braver politicians than Mrs May fought for the future of our country. She did not even have the guts to sit on the sofa with her spotted shoes.

I think of all the brave UK citizens who fought against the French & Germans and died for our freedom and our  country. Mrs May's flag is the White Flag of surrender not the Union Jack. I weep for our beloved country.

Edward Carson the great Ulster Unionist said, Ulster will fight, and Ulster will be right.Mrs May says Yes Herr Juncker, Yes Mr Tusk, 3 bags full.The bags of course are full of British cash that should go to our NHS, our children's schools, our armed forces etc but Mrs May will give to Hammond's big business friends on the EU gravy train.

Here are the three pulling May's strings and giving her duff advice


Niall Warry said...

It is true that if we weren't already in the Single Market we would not now join but we are in it and therefore the ONLY solution as an interim solution in the time available is the efta/EEA option.

Any other option will cause unnecessary economic damage.

Eric Edmond said...

Worry less about economic damage and more about our freedom.

Edward Spalton said...

I had a similar discussion some months ago with a splendid lady who has worked for decades for independence. She said that a "few years " of impoverishment and economic disruption would be "worth it" to be definitively free of the EU. I said " worth it to you and perhaps to me. We have raised our families, bought our houses and have adequate incomes which appear reasonably secure. Would you feel the same if you had lost your job and your home had been repossessed?" Being the sort of person she is, I am sure she would stick to her guns - but I don't think many would.

You only have to revisit the ERM fiasco to see that people did not forget the bankruptcies, job losses, repossessions etc from that. The Conservatives' reputation for competence in financial affairs was destroyed and they did not gain a majority for another 18 years ( which Mrs May just blew). The effects of a botched Brexit would be far longer lasting because they could not be corrected by cutting the interest rate.
So I think we could expect Mr Corbyn in Downing Street and even a possible scurry back under public pressure to the safety of " Mother Europe".
Nobody likes the EEA/EFTA option or wants it as a final destination. It is like a flanking attack rather than a frontal assault which is more glorious and romantic but is likely to incur heavy casualties.
I hope and pray that the government somehow manages to pull off an effective Brexit and wiould be delighted to be proved wrong because I do not believe that public opinion would be steadfast in face of the adversity arising from a botched job. We would also be likely to see increased Separatist pressures which would suit the EU very well. Every would-be dominant European power has aspired to break up the UK since 1707 and it looks as if the policies of the nominally Conservative and Unionistv Party could lead us in that direction, as the response to the Irish border proposals has showm

Niall Warry said...

Edward you are so right and I'm afraid for some inexplicable reason Eric has simply not kept himself up to date on how complex trade is now between any nations let alone 27 others.

The Efta/EEA is the ONLY viable solution as an interim measure.

Eric Edmond said...

KISS Major

NiallWarry said...

Eric I'm a keen advocate of KISS but on this occasion Efta/EEA is the KISS solution.