Thursday, 7 December 2017

Independence and Freedom is what the British public voted for in the June 16 Referendum

'It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom - for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself.' 

That was written in 1320 Declaration of Arbroath submitted to Pope JohnXXII who confirmed Scotland's status as an independent nation. The sentiments were repeated in 1776 in the US Declaration of Independence.

I dare say there were Remainer merchants who warned against the loss of trade in leaving the British Empire but look at the US now and look at the UK. Who has done better over the last 240 years?

Ambrose Evans Pritchard echoes these sentiments in today's  DT business section. These sentiments are eternal truths as the DT headline reads,"Lessons of colonial past show that independence is prize enough itself "

That is what the Scots recognised in 1320 and the American colonies in 1776. All this talk by politicians of protecting the economy, a meaningless phrase, and for that reason beloved of the political elite, is secondary to freedom. Its only use is by sordid politicians seeking to scaremonger the electorate into submission to the EU. What is the economy for ordinary folk?

I quote from AEP 


The European Union is best understood as an imperial construction, if not exactly an empire. Once you see it in this light, the moral pretences are unmasked. Belgian historian David Van Reybrouck has set off storm in European intellectual circles by breaking the taboo, and doing so at the heart of the system in Brussels, from the centre-Left. He thinks eurosceptic populism has been badly misdiagnosed, pigeon-holed too glibly as anti-immigrant, or anti-capitalist, or as a displaced protest against hyper-globalisation. The EU intelligentsia have been quick to hear echoes of the proto-fascist movements of the inter-War years, but they have missed the better parallel from that era: anti-colonial resistance against the Belgian, Dutch, British, or French empires – which by that stage took their “civilizing mission” earnestly. – Ambrose Evans-Pritchard  
The EU offers us nothing but  preserves its own huge £80 bn trade surplus with us.

What we want is what the American colonies wanted in 1776.power to control our own country.

Good to see Schulz saying today if you want to be in the EU you have to accept a|Federal EU, undemocratic and ruled by a self perpetuating political elite. Is this what Remainers voted for last year? If Brexit fails that's what the UK will get from the EU.

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Stephen Harness said...

The trade surplus should have been a major Brexit topic and I think back to the words of Peter Shore. Problem being that we are a long way from being a fully functioning manufacturing country and there are many reasons for this decline. Mostly a succession of dreadful governments and industrial action in the 70s. If a genuine revival could happen the next problem is our failure to protect our assets from takeover. Everything has a price and is for sale. Show me a government that will reverse our decline with a proper industrial strategy.
Like our fishing industry, or lack of, those skills take generations to put in place and it will take a war effort to bring about change.
No I am not defeatist, just realist today.

Eric Edmond said...

Freedom comes first. Putting economics in prime spot just confuses the issue. It is how Heath pulled the wool over people's eyes in 72/73. Don't fall for it again. KISS and get our freedom and the rest will fall into place

Stephen Harness said...

Good points as usual. I raise the issue that there is more wrong with our country than membership of the EU. 100% want to leave the EU but 100% want to see the eslf confidence that we are more than just a country of shopkeepers. No offence to shopkeepers.