Friday, 8 December 2017

May sells us out to the EU again

No wonder Juncker praises May. She is doing a wonderful job for the EU worth at least £40 bn to the EU. As one lady said on a vox pop tonight we did not vote to leave to end up giving  £40bn to the EU. So where did it all go wrong?

As soon as Referendum result was announced the political elite refused to accept it and have consistently campaigned with their willing allies in the Civil service, the media, the judiciary, the un-elected lords, the Church ie the whole British establishment to undermine and eventually reverses the 52 48 referendum result with a majority of 1.3 million majority to leave. The establishment believes in democracy only when the populace agree with them and that hey are the best, indeed the only, people who can be trusted to make these decisions. Worst many of these saboteurs were Tory MPs which made it very difficult for a Tory PM to implement Brexit. This is a scenario that would have taxed a consummate clever politician like Harold Wilson or a strong brave conviction politician like Margaret Thatcher but for a weak stupid cowardly woman like Theresa May it was mission impossible. She rolled over under no real pressure from the EU and made concession after concession she did not have to make.

The basic tactical mistake was made right at the start to accept the EU's timetable and schedule for talks.May ran away from tackling this head on and we have paid the price but more worrying we will continue to pay a heavy price.

We now have an agreement that has more fudge than a box of chocs. Those fudges will come back very quickly to choke us. Remember these fudges will be interpreted by the ECJ.

What now? The only way to save our Brexit is to go to WTO rules when the EU demands, as it will, yet more concessions. The crunch will be turning words into action. Words are cheap actions tend to cost and the elite will keep on undermining our Brexit vote.

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Stephen Harness said...

We certainly did not vote in 1975 to give the EU £10/20 billion each year but that is the current situation and future one if we stay.
To be fair to May, Corbyn is waiting in the sidelines and he will forget any promises made about Brexit in a quest for Number 10.
A disastrous General Election leaves Brexit on a knife edge and interesting talks ahead. Coming out on WTO terms is a strong possibility if trade talks fail. Anybody mentioned Gibraltar yet?