Saturday, 9 December 2017

Mrs Thatcher made me proud to be British. Mrs May makes me ashamed

All the  British diplomats I spoke to during her premiership especially during the negotiations to hand back Hong Kong to the PRC said what a wonderful ambassador she was for our country. Most of these diplomats privately disagreed.with many of  Mrs Thatcher's policies but they were proud of how she stood up for our country.

I cannot say the same for Mrs May. Her grovelling to the unelected ,drunken, bureaucrat Juncker made me ashamed. Is this what our great country has come to? But for the UK  Juncker, Verhofstadt etc would not have a country.

How much more humiliation will Mrs May take to cling on to office? She has proven to be a very poor prime minister who has accepted  a series of very bad deals for our country. We deserve better than Mrs May for our children's sake.

This morning I wandered around the charity shops of Crewekerne as I do very Saturday before visiting Waitrose for my free coffee. Its the variety of items in charity shops that appeals to me and today I purchased for £1 Alan Clark's book entitled, "The Tories" covering the period from the 1922 meeting at the Carlton Club until the Blair wipe out in May in 1997. In he preface ..Clark writes,

"...a tacit article of faith among serious Conservative politicians being this: That the interests of the British nation state are best served by contriving the perpetuity of a Tory administration whatever the apparent sacrifices of principle or policy this may entail". Clark's italics

This explains May's behaviour. She has been immersed in this Tory culture for 40 years. It is more her creed than the Anglican church she was brought up in. Toryism not Anglicanism  is her religion. She is unaware of it and cannot help herself. Someone has to put her out of her political agony and our country out of its shame but who will do the deed?

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Stephen Harness said...

Things were going fine until a disastrous General Election, disastrous manifesto and assumption that Brexit was enough to win a large majority. There is nobody daft enough to become tory leader at this time. Massive debt, massive deficit, massive balance of trade deficit, lack of confidence and months of EU negotiations. Sniping from the sidelines by remainers and leavers who all know better but fail to give a small amount of support. The country deserves Jeremy Corbyn.
We can scour the horizon until next xmas but a Thatcher or Churchill are nowhere to be seen. They no longer exist.
One false move and the tories will split in two and Corbyn will walk into Number 10.
No alternative than to back May, for now.