Monday, 11 December 2017

Tories learn how to suck up to bullies at public school

There is a great article by a Dutch journalist in today's Guardian

It has generated a simpler but equally effective piece in today's Consevative woman blog

Both say what I said in my blog yesterday where I  quoted from Alan Clarke's book that the Tories were without principle or moral scruple and would do anything to retain power. That is their one and only God which even the vicar's daughter worships. I quote from Andrew Cadman's piece.

 "However it has shown – repeatedly – that it wants all the noblesse without any oblige: it exists simply for those who perceive themselves to be born into the Establishment or for social climbers who wish to join them. Of course it is an awfully long way down from such Olympian heights, so collectively Tories tend to respond to external threats by allowing themselves to be bullied in return for position: Vicars of Bray, scurrying all over the political map; in office, but rarely in power.

In short, the party is a moral coward, and as such it always wise when predicting what it will do to choose the most cynical and venal course of action you can possibly think of. Even then, you will often be deeply shocked. In that spirit I wrote this piecefor TCW just after the referendum was won. It looks positively na├»ve compared with what has actually happened. The Tories’ controlling grandees ruthlessly defenestrated the woman who appeared to be a genuine Leave candidate for the leadership, Andrea Leadsom, to avoid having to ballot the heavily Leave-voting grassroots. They then crowned someone very much made in their own image – a cowardly, visionless Remainer who could be trusted to put party before conviction or country. (Whether Mrs Leadsom, who had previously said that leaving the EU would be a disaster, and last week fully backed Mrs May’s Brexit betrayal, is any less cynical than the rest of her colleagues is extremely doubtful.)"

The dictum you can't trust the Tories has been proved true time and time again. The phrase noblesse oblige does not refer to the upwardly mobile, money motivated Tories  but to those born at the top of the tree, the Whigs, who had no need of money or status. They were born with both.


Niall Warry said...

I know somebody who has worked with both Tory and Labour MPs at a high level and says that, of the two, you should NEVER trust a Tory to keep his or her word.

Eric Edmond said...

Quite right.

Stephen Harness said...

Agree to a certain extent.
All political parties attract career politicians who just follow the money. UKIP being a perfect example. A Chairman Mao type purge would eliminate the hangers on but the Conservatives boast a broad church.
Again you miss the reality that we could easily have a labour government by default, a second referendum and EU membership forever.
PM May went to the country on a Brexit ticket and soon found out that in a general election other issues are more important, management of the economy, for example.
Yes we lack a vision of a post Brexit Britain. The man in the street is more concerned about paying their way, paying for food and fuel and keeping a roof over the head of their families.
The Conservatives granted a referendum, perhaps not for the right reasons and Farage was influential, but a referendum would not have happened under a Labour government. Conservatives must take praise.

Eric Edmond said...

I am well aware of what you say re danger of getting a Corbyn labour government. I hope Sourface, Grieve and Morgan are also aware of the possible consequences of their actions.

General elections are always fought on a wide ranging agenda the government cannot control. Referendums HMG set the question and hence the agenda.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion T May did not want to win on purpose by the manifesto designed so to do followed by fine tuning for the intended outcome and failed to lose the last GE so she would not have had to trigger Art 50 with the backing she was stated to be seeking. Why else would the party make such a hash of it? D Cameron having promised a referendum, and being convinced he would win and not thinking he could possibly lose given all the supporting participants, resigned so as not to trigger the promised Art 50 the next day following the referendum. Old adage ‘Never trust a Tory’ never more true. With people the likes of Hezza at the tiller. Very damaging to the honest.

Did I hear on Radio 4 this morning ‘all red lines met’! Was it Hunt speaking? How can that be as ECJ for 8 years for starters? The hungry poisonous tentacles of the EU octopus are far from dead. Could it be we will end up half IN and half OUT? Not what was voted for.

Will we be better off IN soon by the time May has finished dancing to their tune. Such humiliation travelling through the night indeed.

With no MEP’s and still paying etc. No taxation without representation. They are laughing all the way to the bank with our taxpayer’s money.