Thursday, 14 December 2017

Traitors always come from the educated political class who think they are superior to ordinary folk

Career politicians are repulsive. They are in love with themselves and their own importance. They despise ordinary people with whom they consider they have have nothing in common.Here isa composite of these 11 traitors.


I call them traitors for two reasons. |They are giving succour to  our countries enemy, the EU, at a time when our PM, Mrs May is fighting hard with the EU to get the best trade deal she can for our country. I am no fan of T May but I have no doubt of her patriotism. or love for our country. I have no doubt Gieve and his chums love the EU more.

Second and more significant is that they are all except two near Nottingham, Clarke & Soubry are from the South of England. Nottingham is not that far North! They are betraying the North of our country. MPs talk about a divided country. It starts right here with these 11 traitorous MPs

They have given Jeremy Corbyn a huge victory that his Momentum supporters will fully exploit..Corbyn is just a useful fool for these hard line Trots.

Dominic |Grieve, Beaconsfeid, 49%  Leave

Anna Soubry, Broxtowe, 52.5% Leave

Ken Clarke, Rushcliffe, 41.4% Leave

Nicky Morgan,  Loughborough, 50% Leave
Antoinette Sandbach, Eddisbury,, 52.2% Leave

Stephen Hammond, Wimbledon, 27.3% Leave

Heidi Allen, South Cambridgeshire, 38.4% Leave

Bob Neill, Bromley and Chiselhurst 49.6& Leave

Sarah Woolaston, Totnes, 54.1% Leave

Johnathan Djangoly, Huntingdon, 53.4% Leave

Oliver Heald, North East Hertfordhire, 51.4% Leave

They remind me of the Cambridge spies, Blunt, Burgess, Philby,  Maclean ,all Southern English who disparaged  the Northern working class.

They all also  seem to subscribe to the E M Forster dictum

'If I had to choose between betraying my country and betraying my friend, I hope I should have the guts to betray my country.'


Stephen Harness said...

To be fair, Ken Clarke has never wavered on his EU opinions. Probably lost elections to be PM because he stayed true to his belief and that has to be admired. I do not agree with his views on the EU for sure.
I have little time for the other ten. PM May looks weak at home and weak abroad. The one success story is the employment figures that no longer make headline news. Pound continues to hold up.
Trade talks will be interesting and will resolve many issues for her leadership.

Eric Edmond said...

Yes, Clarke was born an EU fanatic and will die an EU fanatic. He has talent the others are just embittered failures. I still don't think Clarke should have undermined May in an international forum.

Edward Spalton said...

Actually Clarke imbibed his euro-fanaticism from the late, unlamented Sir Oswald Mosley whom he twice invited to address the Cambridge University Consevatives. The young Michael Howard resigned from the association. Clarke later described himself as " A European with a British passport" . I don't see anything very laudable in that. Lord Haw Haw was hanged on the technicality that he had applied for a British passport when he left the country to go to Germany. If he had applied for an Irish passport ( to which he would have been entitled), there
would have been very little on which to base the charge of treason.

Clarke certainly did admit that it was his pro EU stance which made him unelectable as Conservative leader.

Stephen Harness said...

Undermining is probably in his DNA when it comes to the EU. My point is that many a politician will masquerade as something else to win favour. Clark displays his EU credentials for all to see. Corbyn on the other hand is reported to be a eurosceptic but sees political gain in siding with whatever is popular. A dangerous game for this country. Nail your colours to the mast whatever those colours happen to be.

Eric Edmond said...

Good points from Messrs Spalton and Harness.