Saturday, 16 December 2017

What a mess May has created

Where is the parliamentary scrutiny of May's latest sell out to the EU that Grieve and his chums promised? You will never see it  because May, Grieve and Hammond are bending over backwards to keep us in the EU. So what do we do?

Our country's fate lies in the hands of Tory Brexit MPs like Rees Mogg..Jacob is an honest man but this is a very precarious   situation for our country.  We have no choice but to trust these Tories.They have to get the number of signatures to a letter to the chairman of the 1922 committee triggering a Tory leadership election contest. Labour will demand a General Election but they are powerless to force it unless Grieve and his gang support and the no confidence motion.

We now have to listen to our chancellor announcing Brexit policy in China 5000 miles away from Westminster .How does Grieve propose to scrutinise that policy? It was all lies of course.

We just have to get rid of May and get a PM who believes in Brexit. If this brings down the Tory temple so be it. I am sure Corbyn cannot do worse than May..


Niall Warry said...

What we really need is a PM who UNDERSTANDS what it will take to ensure a smooth Brexit.

Jacob R-M is a posher version of Farage, in other words a populist, but that doesn't mean he understands the complexities of how trade works these days. To set up fictionless trade with just one country in say 100 products takes time, money, rules and regulations and an adjudication process. setting up a trade deal inmany more products than 100 with 27 other countries would take many years.

This is why the Efta/EEA option as a transitional deal is the best way forward.

Stephen Harness said...

There lies the problem and weakness within the EEA/EFTA route. A transition along these lines would require support from both conservative and labour. The transition would take many years and possibly terms of office. The temptation would be there to move closer to the EU than further away.
The rhetoric from labour is moving closer to accepting almost full membership. I do not believe labour accept the referendum result. Give me a devout remainer any day than a sneaky opportunist.
I seen no alternative than to march up the hill with May hoping that the likes of Mogg can prevent the march down again.

Niall Warry said...

Reply to SH.

Nobody yet has seriously attempted to argue for the Efta/EEA option which frees us from the politics of the EU but maintains our trade which MPs say they want.

It really is a Win Win.