Sunday, 17 December 2017

Topics career politicians never discuss on TV

Decent ordinary people are often smeared on TV by wild  accusations of racism from ranting left wing celebs without a shred of verifiable evidence ever being produced.  Left wing dominated panels and chairmen  never challenge these unsupported views but just smirk approval They never condemn these dodgy celebs.who abuse their position on such shows and play the race card incessantly .

What is a meaningful vote? What do these words mean? Are there two types of vote meaningful, and non-meaningful?   How and when are these two categories distinguished for ordinary folk?

Farage's great contribution to UK political debate was to talk about immigration when mainstream politicians simply refused to discuss it.They stuck their heads in the sand  and displayed  their non-thinking parts. If they had done their job there might well not have been a Referendum.

Pakistani origin Islamic men sexually abusing under age white girls.The BBC never identify them as such but merely as Asiatic . The BBC  excuse not to identify these men accurately is that to do so would inflame racial sensitivities. What about the young girl victims of these appalling men?

Our elected politicians will run for cover rather than do their job and discuss these issues. They would much rather talk about quasi economic largely confected issues than address real problems.of our society.

The reason? Such issues are career threatening for political careerists. Avoid and never discuss on TV


Stephen Harness said...

Being anti-immigration certainly does not enhance the career of a politician, as Enoch Powell found out. Nigel Farage has been very brave or possibly very stupid to talk about immigration. That said the referendum was greatly influenced by the numbers despite 50% came from outside the EU. How many politicians have mentioned Mode 4 immigration?
To be the decision maker, you have to win elections. Labour will use immigration to their benefit even if it means defying the referendum result.
Trump has found a way talk truthfully about immigrants and get elected. He may now become a target. Nigel Farage will also know that speaking truthfully comes at a price. at a price.

Eric Edmond said...

Powell got the wrong ethnic group and age group.