Monday, 18 December 2017

After MPs expenses why should anyone believe a word MPs say

Not for the first time Speaker Bercow misses the point. After the expenses scandal it is clear we cannot believe a word MPs say. MPs have no one but themselves to blame for this state of affairs.People do not like being misled to and they have the uneasy feeling that Grieve, Soubry etc who played leading parts in the Remain campaign are out to sabotage Brexit. They doth protest to much about their honourable motives. MPs honour  is  a very devalued currency and will be  for many years to come.

Bercow has attacked the Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph today. People should remember that it was the Telegraph that exposed MPs  expenses fiddling. Without these papers we would  never have known what our MPs get up to.. It is a free press that is the real guardian of our democracy. The establishment Chilcott inquiry tried to suppress this but thank goodness it failed. MPs do not guard our democracy. Unchecked they exploit it 



Stephen Harness said...

It was also the free press that crowned Tony Blair.
The gang of eleven certainly have to accept that their motives are open to scrutiny but they should be persecuted for them.

Frank W said...

Speaking of missing the point, it's hard to top the nonsense from the ex-head of MI6 today. "Brexit is set to cause a loss of UK influence on a par with the 1970s", according to the man in question, one Sir John Sawers, and the point which he so spectacularly misses is that the biggest change to Britain's international position in the 1970s, the decade in which he identifies such loss of influence, was of course the country's entry into the EU.

No wonder James Bond is always disobeying M's orders if Sir John is anything like his fictional counterpart.

Stephen Harness said...

David Cameron and Osbourne both stated very clearly that leaving the EU meant leaving the Single Market. No ifs, no buts. That was the PM and chancellor perhaps stating the obvious but also making a pledge, as I understand their words. Perhaps they are two politicians we can trust?