Wednesday, 20 December 2017

When you undermine democracy, you piss people off — surprise, surprise.

This is the title and theme of a powerful piece by Brendan O'Neill in his organ, Spiked-online

Its a must read!

Here is a picture of lead wannabe elitist Soubry who is actually a bit of a thicky with a big gob. The two are usually highly correlated and Soubry is no exception to this rule.

Guess what: when you attack democracy, you piss people off

Here is a quote which gives a favour of O'Neil's piece

The increasingly ridiculous Tory MP Anna Soubry, a key hater of the people’s vote for Brexit, has lumped together perfectly legitimate if angry criticism of her role in stoking up anti-democratic authoritarianism with some infantile death threats she received, to try to present all opposition to Remainer elitism as unhinged. And she is blaming newspapers for this state of affairs. The Mail is making life for MPs difficult, she says, by being ‘deeply offensive’. To which the only proper liberal response is to ask: and? It is the role of the press to make politicians’ lives difficult. And if the press doesn’t have the right to offend, so central to freedom of speech, then we’re screwed. Slamming newspapers for offending MPs is like raging against McVities for making cakes.

Soubry is egged on and given ample opportunity to express her lunacies by Speaker Bercow who now interrupts PMQs so frequently he makes it last a good 10 minutes longer than it should. His theme today was that he could not hear what Mrs May was saying. Time for the lobby to have a whip round to buy Bercow a hearing aid.

Soubry, Gieve etc are just plain deluded. The press are just doing their job when the point out your idiocies. I hope there is room for both of you in therapy but for K Clarke it is too late. His Europhilia  is terminal as it is for most of the few remaining Lib Dems..

Wonderful intervention by IDS of Grieve


Stephen Harness said...

She is special and knows no embarrassment. I remember Nigel Farage pointing out to her back in 2013 on Question Time that the UK had just commissioned four naval tankers from South Korea, thus ending shipbuilding at the Portsmouth Dockyard. She had just been appointed Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Defence in David Cameron's October 2013 reshuffle. Sir Humphrey had failed to brief her obviously.

Stephen Harness said...

Agree on the press but the case for Brexit has to be reasoned. The public are sick to death of Brexit hysteria. IDS and Mogg were brilliant in their reponses. The big danger is not from Soubrey but from a Labour Party who will become anti-Brexit and scupper any chance of leaving the EU.