Tuesday, 26 December 2017

There must be no transition deal - its an EU trap

There  is a very good and wide ranging piece by Daniel Hanaan in the Xmas eve Telegraph


He points out the dangers to our country in signing up to this so called transition deal heavily promoted by big business to preserve their profits and by the EU to preserve their power over us long enough to cripple our country. The main danger to us comes from our fifth column, the BBC, Hammond.and his political fellow travellers, much of the mainstream media  and the legal and  educational establishment. They are a formidable well financed  and well organised group whose aim is to over turn our democratic Bexit vote of June 2016.law

Put quite simply when we leave the EU in March 2017 we lose all control of our destiny for two years if we  submit to a transitional deal over which we have no control. It leaves the EU two years or more to wreak havoc with our country. |In this period the EU will do as much damage as it can to our country much via its judicial arm the |ECJ. Our politicians will boast we are a country that respects the rule of law but that is predicated on these laws being just and apolitical. Neither of these conditions are respected by the ECJ which is a corrupt political court.on which we will have no representation. To put ourselves in the power of such a despicable organisation is the sort of stupidity the Lib Dems have promoted for many years to ensure gongs and knighthoods for themselves. Gongs matter to LibDems who do nothing for our country

The only way out is on 29.th March 2019 to trade from then on under WTO rules and leave Barnier and his LibDem friends to get knotted. As I say often to the Major and his complicated friend keep it simple stupid, KISS . They and the bien pensants believe the EU is run by reasonable decent people who care for the welfare of the people. The truth is it is run by a group of wannabe Napoleons. I have suggested from time to time to my Lib Dem neighbours  they consider how many French men Napoleon got killed in his Grande Armee soon to be reincarnated as the European Wehrmacht.  If we had stayed in the EU  that will be the fate of our sons and daughters


Niall Warry said...

Honestly Eric you are sooooo yesterday!!!

Please name an action by the EU that has trapped us???

All I've seen over the years are our governments agreeing to more EU.

Stephen Harness said...

I think the creation and history of the Common Fisheries Policy was certainly a trap.
If there is a transition deal, it would have to be on the basis of mutual respect. Any sign of dirty work and we would have to say goodbye sweet heart.
One other issue with a transition is a longer period of uncertainty for investment in the UK.

Niall Warry said...

SH - Ted Heath KNEW he was giving away our fishing areas to the EU which he did as part of the deal to get into the then Common Market.

Eric Edmond said...

When did he know/decide?

Niall Warry said...

He knew at the time hence North and Booker's book 'The Great Deception' which I trust you have read?

Eric Edmond said...

Ah well if Booker says it, it must be true. I was only a civil servant 72/73. I met Heath in 69 in Oxford. Last year on a cruise I spent a lot of time with two civil servants from the then Ag & Fish dept. Where was Booker then?

Niall Warry said...

Are you disagreeing that Heath deceived the British people when he said joining the Common Market would see no significant loss of our sovereignty?

Eric Edmond said...

I agree Heath deceived us and told lies on sovereinty. He got legged over by the EEC on fishing grounds which was pushed through at the last minute by the EEC. Heath sold out our fishermen to the EEC and destroyed our coastal fishing communities. The FCO did not fight for this industry.The fishermen did not go to Eton.

The EU is now pulling the same trick on the so called transition period. Pity you, North and Booker can't see this but there are none so blind as those that do not want to see.

Niall Warry said...

Eric you are getting worse!

First Heath didn't go to Eton but glad we agree that he deeceived us.

Second do you really believe our FCO would sell our fisherman down the river because none went to Eton? And if you don't why say it?

Third it is our PM who has asked for a transition period and while the EU has accepted it they did not offer it to us.

Fourth do really now believe that North, Booker and me are blind to what is going on in Brexit?

You sadly have your UKIP/Ultra/Hard Brexit blinkers on and are completely out of touch with how global trade now works. Are you aware that 80% of the trading regulations used in the Single Market come from agencies like UNECE which are outside the EU. The EU is now mainly a rule taker not maker and if we want to strike our own deals after we have left the EU we will still have to obey global rules, regulations and standards or we will not be able to trade.

Eric Edmond said...

Major I never said Heath went to Eton. Our last OE PM prior to Dave was good old Sir Alec and before that MacMillan Please read what I say. My point is Old Etonians make up a disproportionate amount of the mandarin class. I daresay if you had gone to Eton you might have retired a General. You seem to have all the other necessary qualifications.

It is unwise to parrot cliches you do not understand.

It was Hammond not May who pushed for the transition period to keep his rich friends rolling in EU largesse funded by us as long as possible.

Blind stoat said...

Eric, Heath knew from the outset the impact that Article 2 of Regulation 2140/70 would have on the UK trawler fleet. That is why he asked for a 10 year transition period - the so-called 'transitional derogation'.
Heath knew that it would only provide limited protection up until 1982.
However he stated, in Parliament, that the UK had a right of veto which would allow it to prevent any change in the terms of the 'transitional derogation' AFTER 1982. That right of veto did not exist and Heath knew it.
Heath lied!!
Warry is correct.

Niall Warry said...

Eric, I know you didn't say Heath went to Eton - my comment was simply an amusing aside.

I agree there are too many Old Etonians in government but unlike you I do not write them off simply because of where their parents sent them to school.

The EU is a rule taker not maker and trading with all countries requires rules, regulations and adjudication processes so in the EEA or not we still need to abide by all the trading rules if we want to trade smoothly. Thus what we need to do is leave the political EU but keep trading and that is NOT a cost or rule free exercise.

In the absence of Efta/EEA deal we sadly need a transition period or we would crash out of the EEA with no deal and I guess Mrs May sees this?

The BIG question is what happens after the transition period and on this it is still very clear our hopeless government doesn't have a clue.

Finally I think it beneath you to have said I "parrot cliches I don't understand".