Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Current party leading lights election winning potential

May is a poor media performer , a poor campaigner and lacks vision, judgement  and electoral appeal. She is there for entirely negative reasons.,nobody likes her..She is clearly not up to the job, John Major in a skirt. Remember JM ushered in 13 years of Labour rule.

Sure fire election loser

Hammond makes John Major look colourful and Rudd is a Maybot clone with a lesser brain. Both are deeply unlikeable and more robotic even than May.

Both are certain election losers

People like Boris Johnson. He is warm and has a sense of humour. He is a proven election winner and great campaigner. He is the best chance the Tories have of winning the next election and they would be crazy not to choose Boris as leader. Safety first boring candidates like Hammond or Rudd will lose heavily and consign the Tories to the wilderness for at least 10 years.I have a great liking for Glasgow hard man Liam Fox. The famous thin red line that held the road to Sebastopol in the Crimean war was the Argylls recruited in \Glasgow. As the Colonel said to his young soldiers as the Russian calvery filed down from the hills to charge them, "Laddie, you never saw anything like that going down the Galllow Gate". The Argylls held the road., no public school boys involved  only Glaswegian tough nuts. Liam |Fox is a committed Leaver in that mould. I trust him. I do not trust Sir Jeremy cover up and his chums.

Jeazza is a proven excellent campaigner. If the Tories do not choose  BoJo Jezza will win. .
The Tory establishment will try and ensure a final run of for leader  will be a non-choice Hammond or Rudd. They know that in a  BoJo versus AN other Tory that goes to the membership BoJo would win. They will do anything to avoid this outcome their members want.


Niall Warry said...

I could not disagree with you more about Boris.

He may have won London from Livingstone but he is a proven liar, politically idle and I think would come so gravely unstuck during an election campaign, as Tory leader, that he would lose some soft Tory and floating voters thus allowing Labour to win by default.

So in summary he has his supporters in the party who would vote Tory even if a donkey stood but his appeal is limited and to the vital middle ground he is an unelectable buffoon.

Stephen Harness said...

Donald Trump won a presidential election against all the odds and a bizarre performance. The days of great debate and an electorate who would listen have gone. It is the world of twitter and soundbite. Corbyn has learnt to shout and has an army of propaganda soldiers to use social media etc. It saddens me to think that Boris could be PM because I have an old fashioned attachment to substance.
Cameron is now appearing to admit he was wrong and I hope an apology comes next.
Perhaps the UK deserves Boris.