Thursday, 25 January 2018

Time for May to go and take Hammond with her

Another disastrous, cringe making performance by May at Davos today. As Juliet Samuel wrote in Monday's Telegraph  her Government is "headless, clueless and has lost all direction".She describes her as a Wizard of Oz figure.

Ian Martin in today's Times has a piece headlined, "Will someone rid us of this appalling PM " As he says May's unsuitability was hidden behind her aggressive, now resigned, chiefs of staff. She is not up to the job. Tory MPs must have known this before they elected her as leader. The country needs leadership and  she cannot provide it.

Now we have Hammond who represents  the EU and Goldman Sachs articulating these beliefs to the international media. Goldmans wrecked the Greek economy and they will wreck ours to please the EU if Hammond is not stopped.

May is a head girl eager to please school senior management,  headmaster Junker, deputy Tusk,and chief bully Barnier. She and Hammond have to go or we won't have a country, left only an EU province ruled by EU proconsul Clegg.

Time for the 1922 committee chairman to act.


Tickety said...

Spot on Sir, my thoughts exactly, and my money was on Jacob months ago. Boris may succeed her and he would be an improvement. Timid and pathetic and a national embarrassment. Time for her to go.

Stephen Harness said...

As I see it, May has laid her and the governments position on the outcome of the negotiations.
Leaving the Single Market, Custom Union and Commercial Policy as well as escaping the European Court of Justice. The moment she betrays those statements she is in big trouble.
There is the grave possibility that Boris would split the conservative party with a potential outcome of a Corbyn government.
Brexit as May has promised would be lost.
Ultimately a new conservative party may surface embracing UKIPPERS such as Farage but it would not be a broad church and un-electable.
May was chosen to succeed Cameron and has the support of Reees-Mogg. Yes her dreadful general election campaign has weakened her and the conservative government position. It has also weakened the position of Brexit versus Corbyn.

Eric Edmond said...

Boris is the only one who can win the next election for the Tories and deliver Brexit. He was absolutely right to push for more immediate cash for the NHS to shoot Labour's fox. BoJo is an election winner. Corbyn will eat losers Hammond, Rudd and May alive

Mike Bridgeman said...

Having read the comments above I have to tell you I have rejoined Ukip. What else is there?

Niall Warry said...

MB - More fool you as you will only encourage them!

The answer is not to vote and become part of the growing statistic that rejects the current lot of incompetents.