Thursday, 11 January 2018

Farage shows his true character

The news today widely trumpeted on the  Remainer media that Farage backs calls for a second Referendum has nothing to do with the merits or demerits of the case. Farage cares only about Farage and is, and always has been an attention seeker. He is trying to drum up a bigger audience for his failing LBC chat show.

He was not part of the  Leave referendum campaign and does not speak for anyone but himself in this matter. By opening his mouth he has confirmed the poor opinion serous politicians have of him, a seven time loser  in the Westminster stakes doing great harm to what is left of UKIP with his me, me, me attitude.  .

I am glad he is now showing himself up as the petulant juvenile we knew him for.


Stephen Harness said...

It must be the 1st April?
There are serious ramifications for the Brexit side and ammunition for the Remainers to plead for a second referendum.
How could he be so stupid.

Blind stoat said...

Outrageous!! Mind-numbingly stupid!!!!

L fairfax said...

He is a very talented individual when it comes to public speaking. If his ego allowed him to work with people who do not agree with him all the time and to listen to people better able than him at devising policy (most of UKIP membership), he could have gone far. Sadly he didn't and as a result his net contribution may well turn out to negative.
Fortunately Nick Clegg's stupidity in lying over Tuition fees and pro Euro fanatics like Michael Hesletine calling for the Euro the day before the brexit referendum partially helped overcome his flaws.

Stephen Harness said...

There is an element of firing from the hip and a lack of joined up thinking.
2010 UKIP got involved in Global Warming/climate change and lost many votes - could argue until the cows come home and the argument would not be won. 2015 we had privatisation of the NHS - for a party that would not be a government why alienate the voters yet UKIP/Farage did it.

Blind stoat said...

^^ Precisely, Mr Harness. UKIP could and should have achieved at least 15-16% share of vote in 2015. For a short while UKIP almost looked as if it could turn itself into a proper party. They managed to get rid of some of the worst idiots - Monckton, Bloom etc. and prior to Farage re-opening the debate about NHS privatization, UKIP was consistently scoring 16-18% in the opinion polls. But, then he had to open his big mouth - and in the end UKIP 'only' scored 12.6% versus the Lib-Dems 8%.

Stephen Harness said...

Major Bolton does seem to be determined to drag UKIP further into the gutter. What a mess and shame that a party could disintegrate so quickly. Fights in the EU parliament, lawsuits and insults to the royal family. Who will be the next leader.

Stephen Harness said...

Lord Adonis was on TV at dinner stating the Remainers lament that the Brexit voters did not know what they were voting for. This appears to be the standard theme that will be repeated over and over again. Easy to neutralise.

Blind stoat said...

^^.....hmmm, retired Army majors...a rum sort.

But as far as I'm aware not every one of them necessarily has a proclivity for 25 year old research assistants in 'Central African affairs'.
So perhaps UKIP should simply appoint another retired major that doesn't suffer from that particular failing?

Niall Warry said...

I'm one retired officer who has known for some time that UKIP's days, under Farage, would one day be numbered.

It would, I'm afraid, be a complete waste of time to administering any life saving measures as under Farage the party recruited second and third raters, that of course made Farage look good, but left the party with no able successors in its ranks.

Bye bye UKIP a party that could have had the potential to change the face of party politics at Westminster but failed miserably due in large part to the poor leadership and inadequacies of one man called Nigel Farage who use the party for his own ends.