Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Another fine mess by Mrs May

Oliver Hardy's catch phrase to Stan Laurel in the old black and white films of the 30s was that's another fine mess you have got me into. Mrs May is now a comic figure if not as funny as Laurel& Hardy but then no one ever accused Mrs May of having a sense of humour, tragedy is her line.

A cabinet reshuffle is one of the simplest tasks a PM has.You just say I need your job for someone else. Will you be x and offer them that post. If they demur you say  sack them. Donald does it all the time so it can't be too difficult.

Putting Matthew Hancock in is a big mistake but the whole thing is littered with errors. May is just not up to the job and deserves everything coming to her from the Tories. Brexit is receding further into the distance with each May cock up and will eventually disappear and with it our country will become an EU colony and our people slaves to the ruling Franco Prussian Brussels political elite.

Is it worth keeping this incompetent woman in power to extend the life of the duplicitous Tory party which will rightly be swept out of power for 15 years at the next election. Corbyn cannot be worse.


Stephen Harness said...

Sadly Corbyn will sweep us back into the EU, that is if we have ever left. The trade unions will demand members rights are protected by the EU and Blair will emerge to smooth things over.
All good news for UKIP as another status quo will be preserved in the EU elections we will have to contest. It will be as if it never happened, referendum of course.

Eric Edmond said...

Sadly Mr H I agree. I did point out to F that we had to make more effort on the MP front but he and his greedy sycophants were more interested in smearing me than winning MP seats

Stephen Harness said...

That said the Cameron referendum decision did stop the momentum towards MP seats in 2015. A clever gambit that eventually backfired and cost him his job. Here we are with PM May. We have no alternative than to hope she can deliver Brexit because she is the only game in town.
For all his faults, Cameron was a smooth operator. For all his faults Blair was an even better operator. Perhaps we are better with a PM with all her faults on display. What you see, is what you get.

L fairfax said...

Actually Corbyn can be worse - you can always get worse at people in Venezuela found in the late 90s and when Chavez died.