Monday, 8 January 2018

Ranting remainers can't accept they lost

An excellent post on Conservative Woman blog, written by a man, outlining how Adonis and his fellow travellers like my neighbour Paddy will try to rob us of Brexit. It is detailed authoritative and true. The ultra Remainers views on those of us who voted to leave are summarised in this quote'

‘Leave voters were predominantly uneducated, “low-information” people who didn’t know what they were voting for’

I have heard this sneer so often from the political elite who all have one thing in common, they respect democracy only when it confirms their views and prejudices, other wise the quote above is their default position.

Here are a few more quotes from this blog that summarise Remainer's arrogant, erroneous and deliberately misleading  views for which no factual evidence is ever produced

‘The Leave vote was driven by racism and xenophobia, to stop all immigration’

‘The Leave vote caused a spike in hate crime’ - lie

‘They didn’t vote to be poorer, or to leave the single market and customs union’

Well actually that's exactly what they did vote for in  the knowledge it will make us better off and freer. so another Remainer lie.

 ‘Never in modern times has there been such an overt and even contemptuous attempt to deny the legitimacy of a popular vote.’ True!

Also true about Remainers,

 "they are still disproportionately influential and vocal in politics, government, the media, academia, and big business. As we go into 2018, Brexit is still not certain, despite being the largest vote for any single policy in British political history. It’s starting to feel as if democracy itself is dangling by a very tenuous thread."

They support Remain because they have a huge financial interest in keeping us in the EU at the expense of the ordinary people of the UK. It would be nice if the BBC examined  the financial motives of Remainers.  

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