Friday, 5 January 2018

Great Labour patriots who told the truth about the EU project but nobody listened

Barbara Castle, Tony Benn,Clem Attlee, Hugh Gaitskell and the now all but forgotten Peter Shore.

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They all warned against the takeover of our country if we got tied to the Common Mar

Attlee made the Leaver argument in the 50 s that Common Market was an inward looking protectionist club that if we were lured into would mean us giving up on our previous deep sea trade links established over the previous  200 years for a Napoleonic dream of world domination via  shrinking trade. Nor since Esau sold his birthright to Jacob for a mess of pottage has there been a  worse deal than the one Heat signed us up to in 1973. We sold our birthright as a freeborn people to be ruled by  a Franco Prussian unelected political elite who bribed our political leaders with  our own money. No wonder we are being trounced in the Brexit negotiations. Its the same club that signed us up in 1975 that are still running and ruining our country.

Farage is no Attlee but I trust him not to pull his punches when he meets Barnier, the perfumed, coiffed  frog  on Monday. Nigel will remember those who fought and died. in Flanders as the price our country paid for being at the heart of Europe.Pray it never happens again.


Tickety said...

I remember them well and some of the Tory's who sided with them, especially Enoch. My wife and I felt as though we were the only one's in the country to have voted against the EU as it became. Lies & deceit by stealth over the years. I still maintain that to give our country away to a foreign prince is treason and those in favour of such action are traitors. Thank you for your articles, I very much enjoy them.

Eric Edmond said...

Thx Mr Ticketty, I agree. Giving the courts of a foreign power to rule in our country is treason. As always it was the work of the political undemocratic public school elite who also produced our great traitors, Burgess Maclean etc. They consider themselves born to rule and superior to others. Time to think about discrimination against public school boys in recruiting for important careers.

Stephen Harness said...

Excellent post as usual. Tony Blair is back and doing the devil's work.