Monday, 29 January 2018

No taxation without representation

That was the winning slogan of the American colonists in 1776 in their fight against British Empire taxation and it should be ours opposing EU taxation.

What the EU will want is our fishing grounds that Heath gave away in 72/73 to ensure our entry into the EEC. No skin off Heaths nose. Indeed he was rewarded with the valuable Charlemagne prize out of which he bought his yacht Morning Cloud. Getting our fishing grounds back will be a totemic victory for Mrs May and boy does she need a good result all she has had so far are disasters.

I have no doubt she will swallow all the EU demands just as Heath did in 73. It will be a national humiliation  engineered by our traitorous MPs, Grieve, Soubry etc.

There is an alternative just walk away and tell the EU all our future trade will be on WTO rules. Has she the guts to do this? I doubt it.

When I campaigned in the streets for the Referendum I warned the good citizens of Somerset if we did not leave the EU their children would live as German slaves or as Rees Mogg puts it we will be a vassal state. I was abused by the LibDems for saying this but it has come to pass sooner than even I expected.

The EU philes always switch the argument to economic grounds Heath did this in 1972/73 so well that issues like the ECJ ruling over us was never even discussed. Freedom always trumps economics. Ask the Chinese.

Our referendum vote was to restore our freedom. Politicians want to keep us enslaved so they can feather their own nest as  Lansley, Mitchell  and Lilley showed on C4 dispatches last night. £5000 a day seems to be the going daily rate for ex cabinet ministers. I think the EU betters that for its bien pensants.

The transition period is a trap, set by the EU/HMT and fed to Hammond who egged on by his corporatist friends enthusiastically propounded it at Cabinet as his own big idea. Hammond is not smart enough to see the trap. Rees Mogg does thank gooodness.


Niall Warry said...

WTO terms are no silver bullet.

All they are are guideline to follow to set up a trade deal with another country.

Trade deals all take years to negotiate especially one as complex as ours within the Single Market which you suggest we should just walk away from.

The solution is the Efta/EEA interim deal.

Stephen Harness said...

In truth David Cameron trashed the idea of EEA/EFTA either by design or ignorance. There is no guarantee that membership is possible and the referendum vote was a vote to leave, not leave one foot in the door.

Niall Warry said...

Who gives a toss what Cameron said or did and the referendum vote I placed my cross in simply asked do you want to leave the EU.

The EU is the political bit and the Single Market and EEA is the trading bit worth £250 billion to our economy and are run largely by their own organisation.

All trade deals incur costs, rules and regulations and signing up to an adjudication process.

To continuing trading with the SM via the EEA is not keeping one foot in the door of the EU but both feet in the trading door which is vital to our economy until over time we can negotiate a better deal for all 52 countries in Europe via UNECE in Geneva.

Eric Edmond said...

Political economics has been the subject title at Scottish Universities since before Waterloo.The US leading publication is the Journal of Political Economy. Its where the Black Scholes option pricing was published. Adam Smith was the Professor of Political Economics. You cannot separate the two. Its one subject.

Niall Warry said...

Regardless of that erudite reply Eric the EU has a political and trading side and they are different and largely separate.

Eric Edmond said...

I prefer Adam Smith's views. They have proven correct over 200 years

Niall Warry said...

We aren't talking SUBJECTS but the practicality that the EEA has its own management system that operates outside the politics of Brussels.

Eric Edmond said...

Major Warry I suggest you read Allister Heath's piece in the DT today entitled, "The noble lie of our time is the world is too complex for democracy"