Sunday, 11 March 2018

Lib Dem Cable plays racist and ageist cards

The Lib Dems wallow in the gutter of  racism and ageism in their pathetic attempts to get votes   by misrepresenting the views of ordinary decent people expressed in our Referendum vote last June. Click above to read the BBC report of the geriatric Cable's crude  attempts to make political capital out of these two disgusting isms which are not  true.

The Lib Dems are such slimy  hypocrites. The ordinary decent people of the UK of all ages are not racist but to further their unscrupulous pursuit of votes at any price the Lib Dems are trying to portray them as such. Worse, for the same reason, they are trying to set young against old. People of my generation voted in the Referendum  not for selfish reasons but to try and make it a better country for our children. To suggest otherwise is a despicable calumny on a whole generation who rebuilt our country after WWII.


Stephen Harness said...

Good post. The only saving grace for the LibDems is that they have never 'flip flopped' on this issue, remained pro-EU and never hid the repulsive side of their party. We know where we stand with the LibDems, unlike Labour who are opportunist with an eye on government and prepared to modify their policy on Brexit to their advantage in response to perceived changing public opinion.

Niall Warry said...

The LibDems were very opportunistic over tution fees.

The trouble is the over use and abuse of the word 'racist' and until people stand up to Orwellian thinking and speech things will go on getting worse.