Friday, 9 March 2018

Putin explains real politik to our useless political elite

I admit to some amusement about how easily Putin ties HMG in knots. The huff and puff performance of  the hopeless  Amber Rudd woman  makes our country a laughing stock. Putin is laughing at her. He knows she is powerless in this matter so she should shut up and stop proving what an idiot she is.

The alleged attack in Salisbury was a criminal offence and therefore if it ever came to a UK trial would be subject to a beyond reasonable doubt standard of proof. A  Rudd has to recognise this or waste yet more public money on a losing cause to enrich lawyers

Chairman Mao said political power grows out of the barrel of a gun something Putin is once more pointing out to our bien pensant Guardianistas who dominate our media from their perch in cloud cuckoo land.

At the same time our former DPP, Keir Hardy Starmer is conspiring with a foreign power, the EU, to undermine our democratic its EU negotiations. I was brought up in a Scottish Labour household. The original Keir Hardy was a patriotic Scottish Labour MP. Sir Starmer is not. He has gone North London native and shows how far Labour has moved from its original roots and values.


Blind stoat said...

what say we just expel a dozen Russian speaking sixth formers at random from Stowe, Charterhouse and Wellington - and send 'em back whence they came?

would be somewhat cheaper than wasting tax-payers' money on a pointless investigation, in search of Princess Amber's much cherished "evidence".

By the way, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post on here - or if I've been banned, for some flagrant breach of mess etiquette.

Eric Edmond said...

No Mr Stoat you are free to post anything you want on my blog but you are responsible for what you write.