Friday, 30 March 2018

Nazi/German lessons from history for the EU

Its been a rotten day with incessant rain so as is my wont on such days I switch on day time TV  I find day time TV far more interesting than peak viewing and today was  no exception. Today's programme dealing with Nazi study of our country in 1930s should be compulsory viewing for school children  of 14+ and all BBC media types.

It started in Liverpool with German exchange students some of whom were  spies sent to report on University staff who  were potential sympathisers and would be use full if the Germans every invaded. The first point for our EU indoctrinated youth is that such student exchanges went on well before the EEC was ever thought of. They have been common for the last 100 years and were definitely not invented by the EU. In the 1930s Hitler youth undertook  cycling tours of the whole UK and collected more valuable information

There is an old myth in Liverpool that Hitler visited his brother there in 1912 and his seeing the crowded South docks made him see what a great trading nation we were and wedded to, and dependent on the sea.

The docks were thus of great interest to the Germans who used the information so gleaned in the 30s to bomb Liverpool in 1941 almost to total destruction. Liverpool was also the control centre for all Atlantic shipping during the war. Makes Trump shutting down Putin's Seattle spy centre more understandable.

Part of Britain, the Channel Islands, was invaded and occupied by the Germans for 6 years during the war. They imposed a brutal regime of forced labour killing thousands of people  as they did in other countries they occupied like Greece but this was our country.

The film's thesis with which I concur was this was what was planned for us. This is why Putin will rightly never tolerate a Franco Prussian EU army in Ukraine. The EU can call it a European army but the Russians will see it for what it is, a German army.

Let us learn from history and not be deceived by our duplicitous political elite.


Stephen Harness said...

Any thoughts on the GKN takeover Eric? I am sure that countries such as Germany will be hovering to take the pick of the stripped assets.
Yes spoke to a Russian lady recently and the deep hatred was so evident.

Eric Edmond said...

Its too easy for asset strippers to takeover UK companies. Most countries have laws against this.

Edward Spalton said...

The trouble is, we have long needed to "sell off the family silver" to asset strippers because of our generation-long balance of payments deficit. That has been financed by borrowing and selling things off. Labour even sold the majority of office premises belonging to the Inland Revenue to a company in a tax haven - and rented them back!

With regard to the Nazi angle, you could Google " Edward Spalton Witness to History". I am merely the scribe not the witness. He is Lord Walsingham ( now 93) who was a young diplomat in the Foreign Office of 1950 and got to know what the European Coal and Steel Community was all about. He resigned from the FO and went to fight in Korea but not before he had been interrogated on suspicion of being the " third man" . Burgess and McLean had flown the coop to Moscow at the same time. The video ( which is linked to the article) lasts for around 35 minutes. There are two other links - one to a short article I wrote on agricultural policy ( which is what led my enquiries in this direction) and the other is my translation of the 1942 German papers " European Economic Community".

I don't believe that the EU is " all a Nazi plot" - similar schemes existed from the Kaiser's time and before - but the Nazis were certainly a strong influence. As far as the Americans were concerned, they were reliable anti communists. Lord Walsingham hits the balance right, I think, with his perspective of years and notes the strong influence of American policy.

Niall Warry said...

The only lesson from history is that we seldom if ever do learn from it.

Edward Spalton said...

From "Diplomacy and its Discontents" by James Eayrs 1971

The trouble with history is that, while historians repeat each other, history never repeats itself. When Mark Twain declared "History does not repeat itself but it rhymes" he went about as far as he could go.
So, when I noticed that, in the revolutionary year of 1848, the German Parliament passed a resolution that the Balkan area was part of Germany's natural economic hinterland and that no significant Slavic state should be allowed to arise there, it "rhymed" with the Austro-German invasion of Serbia in 1914, the German invasion of WW II and the EU/NATO invasion of 1999, in all of which German forces participated and German economic hegemony over the area was asserted.
The year also struck a rhyme with later German racial theories when Engels wrote in his paper the Neue Rhenische Zeitung that the Serbs were an insufficiently developed race to be ready for the coming proletarian revolution and so must somehow be made to disappear.

I suppose Marcus Tullius Cicero had the rights of it when he declared "To be ignorant of what happened before you were born is to remain a child forever"