Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Glory Hallelujah UKIP is saved for the time being

There is a tweet today  from Gerard Batten. I hope this is the Guido link


to this effect.

Leader Gerard Batten:
“I am very pleased to announce that my appeal to UKIP members to raise £100k to save the Party from insolvency has met with an incredibly generous response of almost £300k. In addition, the £175k legal bill has been paid by other means. UKIP is now safe.”

I have always thought Gerard was one of UKIP's few decent MEPs, Julia Reid is the other one .It was great to see his efforts raised enough to pay the fines and keep UKIP. extant. Over the years Gerard had a lot of unwarranted abuse to take from preferment seeking Faragista acolytes. He has kept the UKIP flame burning.We are going to need UKIP again to fight for our referendum against the Tory appeasers.

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Niall Warry said...

My frank assessment of what has happened is that it would appear UKIPers have indeed responded generously but the party's days are still numbered as Nigel continues to back seat drive. As to Batten, if he is the answer to UKIP's woes somebody isn't asking the right questions and as yet the next leader is still an unknown.

With your deep understanding of UKIP's history I'm surprised you think the party still has a future.