Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Only-by-understanding-islamic-extremism-can-we-defeat-it says the liberal elite

Islam doe not want to integrate into our liberal tolerant society it wants to dominate us and like the EU make us live under their system of law, Sharia in their case, code Napoleon for the EU. We have just seen our PM bow the knee to the EU but with Islam this has been going on for years with Pakistani second and third generation immigrants. Our police  have failed to defend our young girls from Islamic rapist gangs for fear of being accused of  racism. Is it racist to see rape as a crime that transcends race and religion? It is a serious criminal offence. Only murder is worse.

This defeatist attitude is outlined in the piece below.

The liberal elite will not accept that, like the  EU, Islam is not for reforming. Their fanatics will go on killing us as their God says  it will give them entry to their perverted paradise. I thought religious wars were a thing we solved circa 300 years ago. Not so! Our crazy immigration system has ensured our children and grandchildren will have to live with religious fanatics trying to kill them yea unto the 10th generation. 

I and many other ordinary people  understand Islam, its the liberal elite who don't.


Edward Spalton said...

At Geert Wilders' first trial, one defence witness was so feared by the Dutch liberal establishment that a judge actually tried to nobble him by engineering a meeting at a private dinner party before he testified. The news got out, the bench of judges which was hearing the case was dismissed and a new one appointed to continue the case. The witness was a Professor Jansen, an eminent Arabic scholar of unimpeachable reputation.

His evidence was that there is not and never can be any such thing as " moderate Islam"'because the faith is defined for all time by its scriptures - the Koran and those additional texts which are universally accepted. There are, of course, many moderate Muslims - that is Muslims who are not fully observant of all the teachings. Prof. Jansen estimated that there were 20 per cent fully observant Muslims ( called " extremists" or "Islamists" by some) 60 per cent of varying degrees of observance and 20 per cent Muslim in name only - but unable formally to renounce the faith without facing extreme consequences from remaining believers..

The new bench of judges ( sitting without a jury, of course) would not allow Professor Jansen to testify in person but did have his evidence written into the record and it was published on the Gates of Vienna blog. In any similar case it could be evidentially useful to defenders of free speech. Wilders was acquitted at this trial because he had confined himself to factually describing and denouncing the doctrines of Islam without exaggeration which did not come within the Dutch definition of inciting hatred.

Eric Edmond said...

Well said Mr Spalton. There is no such thing as moderate Islam only Islam

Stephen Harness said...

A few years ago myself and a number of councillors plus partners accepted an invitation from the Ahmadiyya Muslim group based in Scunthorpe. Apart from their lack of tuneful hymns they seemed to be a decent group who tried very hard to make us welcome and explain their religion. It is obvious that there are divisions within the Muslim religion. Our open door immigration policy created this diverse community we live in, mistakes have been made but there is no turning back of the clock. It all may end in tears however.

Edward Spalton said...

The Ahmadiyya sect is regarded as heretical by Muslims of orthodox views. In some parts of the world they are persecuted and even murdered - including the UK .

You may recall the Glasgow Ahmadi shopkeeper who extended seasonal greetings at Easter to his Christian customers. A Muslim from a Pakistani group decided this was blasphemous and contrary to Islam. He journeyed to Glasgow and killed the shopkeeper, convinced he was carrying out a necessary righteous act.