Thursday, 26 April 2018

Amber Rudd lets stay in customs union cat out of the bag

La Rudd is emerging as almost as incompetent as her boss T May. Asked about the customs union she replied there were discussions to be had about. She does not seem to know government policy is to leave the Customs union. She is and always will be a Remainer and cannot hide it. Remainers like Rudd and Hammond are in a large majority in May's cabinet hence the snail's pace progress on Brexit. She has shown exactly how the cabinet is thinking behind closed doors. No doubt we will be told when its all been  stitched up.

Like her boss she is a woman whose ambition exceeds her tiny ability.

I doubt we will ever see the people's Brexit. A piss poor Brino will be the offer with us ruled by Brussels for the 21st century. Rudd, Hammond and big business will see to that.

The only way out is to walk away from the non talks with EU and accept what Greek Yanis told our know it all FCO. Don't try and negotiate with the EU.  You can never win as they shift from the Commission, the ECB, the European Parliament, the Council of Ministers etc as it suits them and give the Brits a run around. Just walk away.


Stephen Harness said...

Interesting article in the Spectator stating inward investment into the UK was at a record high, highest in G7, and that this has not been reported by the media. Obviously good news does not support project fear, so they just do not report it.

Edward Spalton said...

Varoufakis is rather popular with those of the " just walk away" school of thought who have not bothered to read very far. Unless he has changed his mind subsequently, he recommended that the UK should immediately announce its adherence to the EEA rules as a holding position whilst a final settlement is negotiated. This possibility has been discussed at length in earlier discussions on this blog. If I
recall rightly, he estimated that the "transition" or " implementation" period might take five years. The 21 months of the proposals presently under discussion can be extended by mutual agreement but the conditions are those of a total vassal state, subject to all existing EU laws and regulations. If the EEA model were used instead, we would be free of the approx 75 per cent of EU law relating to the political project and subject only to the market-related rules of the remaining 25 per cent under the EFTA court which is only competent to rule on EEA -related matters and at arm's length from the omni-competent ECJ.
The EU has been issuing a series of notices to stakeholders, setting out the effects the ending of present treaty obligations without an agreement. This is not "punishing" the UK but merely the application of existing EU rules to the UK as a Third Country which is what Mrs May demanded we should become in her Lancaster House speech . Although she wanted something "deep and special" as well, neither she nor David Davis have yet said exactly what that is.

I read that Rolls Royce is making provision to move its regulatory compliance work to a mainland EU location because British regulatory bodies will no longer be recognised as valid for EU or indeed global purposes. Some months ago Easyjet made preparations to do the same and to alter its articles of association so that the majority of its shareholders must be EU citizens or businesses.

So events are beginning to press in on the Westminster bubble. But, as seen in yesterday's display of ignorance in debating the Customs Union, the malignant continue well able to hoodwink the ignorant in both the House and the media.

Niall Warry said...

Edward you are so right and I'm afraid to say that the 'Just walk away' brigade are not facing the reality of our situation and like our MPs are not fully conversant with all the facts.

Stephen Harness said...

Any Questions today on Radio 4 a question "Is Brexit compatible with membership of the Customs Union?".
The labour MP Louise Haigh and LibDem idiot Ed Davey trotted out their responses and reasons why the UK should remain in the Customs Union. Labour - infrastructure, economy and Good Friday Agreement. Ed Davey stating that it is legally possible to leave the EU but remain in the Customs Union.
Kemi Badenoch Vice Chair of the Conservative Party responded that the UK will not be staying in the Customs Union and gave good reasons for not doing so.
The Brexit negotiations are being attacked by a fifth Column movement and they see project fear as their number one weapon manifested into a fairy tale world of staying in the Customs Union. This drivel is gaining momentum and this will take some stopping, especially as the BBC are totally biased and want to influence a retreat from Brexit.