Wednesday, 25 April 2018

What I don't understand about Jewish complaints of ant-semitism

I am not a member of the Labour party nor am I a Jew.  I have always had a feeling Jews are over represented in Parliament relative to their  percentage of the UK population. Google turned up these two links which seem to confirm my view

I don't understand how organisations like the Labour party  that obviously have a good number of Jewish members can  be considered anti semitic.

Information on politicians ethnic/religious background is however in the public domain. More worrying to me is how secretive BBC is about how many Jews work there. The BBC is based in North London which as a relatively large Jewish population compared to the UK as a whole.The BBC hides behind its journalistic exemption to avoid giving such information. Given the BBC's huge influence on UK public opinion, far larger and more covert than MPs influence, I think for a healthy democracy this information should be in the public domain. 

Does holding such views make me anti semitic?

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Stephen Harness said...

I suspect you could say Scotland is over represented in a parliament. To go on record I hold no grudge for the Scottish nation and wonderful people, be them resident in Scotland or residing in other parts of the UK.