Thursday, 12 April 2018

How Jeremy Cable & Vince Corbyn keep terrible Tezza in power

Next week the SW1 weekly Wednesday afternoon comedy show resumes after the under worked, overpaid cast have had an unearned two weeks off for not doing anything useful. Its a great skill, creating great heat whilst doing nothing.

The show is scheduled to start at 12:00 but is often delayed to allow the dwarf court jester time to do his very unfunny act and the warm up acts time to ask a couple of patsy questions of Tezza the terrible.. Jezza and Tezza get front row seats but Vince has to sit nearer the back. Jezza generally comes in third wicket down as AFN might say when wearing  his ham & egg MCC tie. (AFN runs the TMS  commentary on PMQs but no Aggers)

It is a gladiatorial theatre with Tezza on one side of the chamber taking on the toothless lions on the other side one at a time. Well at 70 plus you cannot expect a full set of gnashers. There is then a light intermission when Braveheart gets to ask a couple of questions before Jezza Cable, the elder gets to ask his miserable single question. Tezza meanwhile glowers around at her enemies sitting behind her especially Cassius Sourpuss and Brutus Clarke. Tezza always wins so its a bit of a non contest.

I do hope they keep it up when all the cast are raised, as they must surely be, to the red benches and  leave space to invite the old folks of Lambeth to watch the show and have a laugh. As with all good day care centres demand exceeds supply.

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Stephen Harness said...

Bring Back Spitting Image I say.