Sunday, 15 April 2018

UK political elite serves the EU by splitting our country

Divide and rule was the method empires have used to split their  opposition to into bite sized chunks that they then proceeded to eat one piece at a time. ensure they could continue to rule over us without the awkwardness of democratic votes.This is of course the EU's tactic to enslave us.

In this they are assisted by our quisling political elite like Soubry and Umuna who are demanding what amounts to a rerun of our referendum. I suggest they lead by example and resign their seats andmanifesto they were elected on.

Worse they now try to set the young against the old by the divisive tale that the young did not vote to leave the EU. This is disgusting. Every old person I know has tried to make things better for their children than they had. It shows the depths to which our political elite will sink to try and win votes.We do not have a law against ageism  as we have with racism etc but we do need one. If this voting break down is an official government figure it comes from a discredited electoral and should be challenged or in the latest political cliche, called out.

All our  vote hungry politicians promote this ageism  even the Green Lucas. As a kid there was a green alien enemy of Dan Dare called the Mekon. Lucas does remind me little of the Mekon as she floats around on her Westminster bubble splitting our country for her EU friends to consume us more easily.

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