Monday, 23 April 2018

Tory policy wonks should read the Telegraph letters page

We take the Telegraph because my wife likes it. It consistently prints positive practical suggestions. Today a Mr Goodall of Winchester writes,

"Sir- I fail to understand why Britain should have to produce a solution to the (NI) border issue.

The Government should tell the EU we are happy not to have any border checks. If you want to protect the integrity of your customs area then you introduce whatever type of border you want."

Answers please to T May, 10 Downing St, SW!

Mr Schultz of Bury St Edmunds ,"The outright rejection by unelected EU bureaucrats  of Britain's proposals for the NI border is sickening".... and we should walk away.

Why not man the Eire side of the border with EU bureaucrats and let them find out what its like. Call it a fact finding  exercise.

Mr Quinton of Eastborne writes, " The Eurocrats are far more clever than our politicians, who have been hamstrung throughout the Brexit process by their own inadequacies and blatantly pro-European civil service"

Its  a bit worse than that. T May has staffed our Brexit back room team with Remainers. Its therefore scarcely surprising Brexit negotiations proceed at a glacial pace.Our Civil Service are the best foot draggers in the world! 


Niall Warry said...

It's really very simple as when the current rules, regulations, associated costs and adjudication process, between N&S Ireland, are suspended as a result of no deal then frictionless trade ceases with the resultant delays and economic damage to N.Ireland.

rapscallion said...


I couldn't care less, it may damage N Ireland in the short term, but it sure as hell is going to damage the Republic and the EU in the longer one. Over 80% of Eire's trade is with the UK. The plain truth is that if the EU/Eire really wanted to find a solution, they would. They don't to though because they want to punish the UK for having the temerity to leave. Also in the short term we must protect those in NI, with subsidies if need be - taken from what would have been our EU Danegeld.

It's always the same with you types isn't it. You always insist on paying attention to the nitty gritty details when you completely disregard political will and reality. If the EU can break it's own rules with impunity then they can overlook these rules. Where there is a will there is a way. It's just that so many don't want to find that way.

Eric Edmond said...

R R,If your comment refers to the Major and his Booker chums I agree. Woods and trees are the metaphor. hope I always looked at the big picture.Just open the NI/Eire border on our side and let the EU/Eire do what they want on their side. Smuggling will create jobs all round, a very good thing.

Its just the EU picking a fight to try and humiliate us. They do not give a toss about Ireland, North or South and when the Micks have served their purpose the EU will ditch them and they will crawl back to us for a bail out like they did last time.

Niall Warry said...

Yes sure Eric just open the border with no checks and let every dodgy chemical, drug, animal and plant desease come in.

Sadly your 'hard' Bexit stance does not face the reality of trading in the world today.