"In some EU meetings Robbins would urge Eurocrats to ignore the political noise in Westminster and listen to him, or to Mrs May, often failing to mention Davis altogether.
At one particular meeting, Robbins even suggested that he, and not Davis, should be the opposite number to Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief negotiator.
Word of his deviousness got back to Davis. 
It was one provocation too far for an exasperated Davis, another imposing six footer, who bluntly reminded Robbins who was in charge of policy. 
Davis made clear that Robbins was his ‘sherpa’, preparing the ‘mountaineers to get to base camp before they tackle the summit’ – and most definitely not the team leader. 
Last September, the unhappy relationship came to an end when Robbins was moved into the Cabinet Office, which has a connecting corridor to No 10, as May’s Europe adviser. "
The relationship between May & Robbins is likened to that between Thatcher and Alan Walters.This is getting pretty close to the bone and when it was put to fat boy Boulton on his all out politics programme this morning almost caused an explosion by the tubby one. So it must be true. 
I also  find it close the Jim Hacker Sir Humphrey  relationship if you remember the episode where Jim locked Sir H out of no 10.
Barnier believes in the EU as does his whole team. Robbins like behaviour would earn a rapid visit to Madame Guillotine.
I do not see how we Brexiteers can possibly win when most of our team are clearly playing for Barnier.
Its just not cricket!

Good tweet from Carswell today

Genuinely amazed that almost two years after referendum there are unelected grandees brazenly trying to veto leaving the EU. Awful awful people. Britain needs fundamental change to free us from these mediocrities and their sense of self importance

As Henry II might have said , "Who will rid me of these useless Lords?"