Friday, 4 May 2018

Once more our country is ungovernable

Here is David Cameron making it clear that the June referendum result will be unalterable by Lords, MPs or any one else except it now appears its not. It seems some people have no respect for democracy and for their arrogance have been put into the  best and cheapest geriatric day care centre in the country called the House of Lords Its even better than Monopoly, you get £300 just for finding the place.

Over recent years many have asked what is the point of the HoL? Now we know. Its there to thwart the will of the ordinary people when they have the temerity to vote down their betters. Teaching the plebs their place is another way of putting it. Its the way the EU does things. Dirigiste is what the mandarins like oily Olly call it. Wikipedia defines it thus:

"Dirigisme or dirigism (from French diriger, meaning 'to direct') is an economic system where the state exerts a strong directive influence over investment. It designates a capitalist economy in which the state plays a strong directive role, as opposed to a merely regulatory one."

It is thus a Napoleonic phrase and this is beloved of the EU

Like in the J B Priestly play of the 1930s, I have been here before. Heath another weak Tory PM had won a close election in 1970 and very soon found he was not up ruling the UK.He simply could not handle the workers. Who can forget the 3 day week and the power blackouts in central London. All precipitated by another Tory PM who like T May was simply not up to the job.

Heath's solution was to opt out of even trying to run the country and simply handed us over to EEC Napoleonic rule. The EEC gratefully accepted and with the help  of our craven MPs eventually subjugated us to their rule. There were a few hiccups on the way mainly caused Margaret Thatcher but  the Tory establishment eventually assassinated her and installed EU Puppet John Major to be followed by  even better Socialist puppets Blair & Brown a bit like Pinky and Perky but better at starting wars.

And what of Cameron who started it all off? No sooner was the referendum result announced than in the true tradition of old Etonians he scarpered leaving our country to the weak and wobbly Mrs May  who like Heath is trying to hand us back to the EU and for the same reason, she is not up to the job of running the UK.

O tempora, O mores


Edward Spalton said...

The Seventies were also a time of very narrow majorities. I thought Mr Wilson was just being shifty when he said " a week in politics is a long time" but it really was a matter of staggering from one expedient to another. Lord Stoddart of Swindon (Lab) then in the Commons) was a government whip when they were bringing in sick and even dying MPs to vote. He said he frequently did not get to bed for 36 hours at a time. He eventually resigned and was kicked upstairs to the Lords because he refused to support the election of MEPs who, up to then, were appointed. He said an elected EU parliament would overshadow Westminster. I wrote up my business experiences and found it was necessary to have a time line of political events against which to set key episodes because memory tends to telescope things. Google " Edward Spalton The Miller's Tale" - Episode 4. - the last one, which takes things through Wilson's "fundamental renegotiation" to the early Eighties. The last one - probably enough anecdotage!,

Eric Edmond said...

Yes Wilson and Callaghan did have very small majorities from 1974 onwards ending in a confidence vote defeat in 79 and a subsequent election which Thatcher won.

I was however writing about the early 70s when Heath had a majority around 30 but refused a referendum on joining the EEC. The EEC entry bill was passed on Labour votes Williams and Jenkins voting for entry. Jenkins was rewarded with presidency of the EEC commission and Heath with the Charlemagne prize which enabled him to buy his racing yacht Morning Cloud.

Our entry was thus bought by the EEC

Eric Edmond said...

Good tweet on twitter sums it up.

We were told the “Brexit war Cabinet” would make a decision on the CU last Wednesday, didn’t go the way May wanted to so she’s ignoring that decision! We have a ridiculous government.

Eric Edmond said...

and from Guido on May

She’s digging alright - in the graveyard of Tory leaders.

Edward Spalton said...

"Ungovernable" - I recall this term being attributed to Harold MacMillan in the early Sixties. One of his reasons for trying to join the EEC was to open British industry to unlimited European competition. He thought this would bring the trade union leaders to their senses. Of course, the legal immunities then granted to trade unions( Trade Disputes Act 1906) were unchallengeable at the time. I think it was the first colour supplement of the Sunday Telegraph which carried a picture of the General Secretary of the TUC with a quotation " I am the General Sectretary of the TUC and it's my job to make or break prime ministers". It took Mrs T to rectify that although Barbara Castle had an unsuccessful attempt with " In place of strife" but could not manage it. In the meantime much of Britain's industry had ceased to make profits and was guzzling subsidy. So the Thatcher medicine was bitter indeed. I can't help thinking that more could have been saved from the undoubted wreck but the government was in the grip of ideologues every bit as inflexible in their way as Mr Corbyn and his comrades.