Tuesday, 15 May 2018

The EU does not want to negotiate, it wants to dominate and enslave us in perpetuity to preserve their embryonic empire

HMG has  wasted almost two years since the 23rd June 2016 Referendum.  A year later on 8th June 2017 we had an unnecessary General Election with the|Tories going from 330 seats, an overall majority of 10 to 317 seats, 9 short of an overall majority. It left T May's government relying on the DUP's 10 seats to give the Tories a theoretical overall  majority of 3 seats. But of course parliamentary votes  no longer split on party lines but on leave remain lines where the remainers have a huge majority in and an even bigger majority in the Lords.

This means the EU only have to refuse to have any meaningful negotiations and their fifth column traitors in both houses will deliver us back into EU slavery from which there will be   no escape. The EU have played this very well. They of course never had any intention  of meaningfully negotiating with us. This reality.both May and DD knew but could never admit.  T May danced her dance of the seven veils to satisfy the London chattering classes so when we have to cave in as little blame will attach to her as possible.

If you accept the EU are negotiating in bad faith then it all becomes simple. Withdraw from these sham talks and go to WTO rules asap. Let the traitors and fat cats wail but keep the Union Jack flying high over all the UK, especially Northern Ireland. Open the Irish border on our side and let the EU and their Eire client state impose customs dues on their side of the border if they wish. Only drug smuggling does real damage and that is a criminal offence.we can prosecute.

As long as the DUP have control May is our prisoner. Who would die a traitor knave?


Stephen Harness said...

My preference before David Cameron granted a referendum was the Norway model. In truth this has never been a serious possibility. Cameron killed off the idea and rubbished such an agreement. He probably did so because he wanted there to be two options, leave or stay. Who would be brave enough to take such a leap of faith and leave the comfort of a Franco/German superstate?
I see little alternative to taking the ultimate step of walking away. However I just do not see our government doing this and the fudge will inevitably be worse than the Norway option.

Niall Warry said...

I agree 100% that May has wasted the last two years and held a completely unnecessary GE but you are dangerously wrong about the WTO being the answer.

The WTO option, as it is sometimes called, does not create an instant trade deal with all 27 EU countries, with whom we currently trade in the SM, but is only a set of rules that should be followed while setting up a trade deal. The WTO option, if you can call it that, would take years of hard negotiations during which time our existing trade to SM countries would grind to a halt.

I've explained this to you all before but you continue to believe in your fantasy that the WTO is a serious option.

The Efta/EEA option allows us to leave the politics but maintain our existuing trade.