Saturday, 19 May 2018

Yes we can!

This was the slogan that gave Obama victory in the US presidential election of 2008. It is the slogan we have to adopt to defeat the naysayers and doom mongers who are seeking to reverse our clear Brexit vote of 2016 to leave the EU Currently they are winning thanks to the huge anti-Brexit BBC bias.We need a strong positive message to combat this unrelenting negative propaganda.

We have just the man to do this, Boris Johnson.He is always positive, exudes confidence and is a proven winner. He is idolised by the grass roots Tories and liked by the wider population. Nobody warms to May or Hammond.   They are both basically unlovable.

May could not win the last General she herself called because of her endless negativity. Corbyn offered  positive hope and came very close to winning despite being rubbished by the media. Another Corbyn May encounter will lead to a Corbyn victory. Therefore the Tories will have to get rid of May  well before the next election but like the HoL what to replace her with?

Once more our best ally in this struggle may well be the EU.They will pour further humiliation on May until eventually the Tories will be forced to ditch her.

We do however have to nail the BBC's shoddy pseudo journalism by demanding sources for every contentious unsupported statement Cockburn etc makes. Note how A Neil is always very careful to give his sources. Most in the BBC are not so scrupulous.

We must also challenge those selected on BBC phone ins as to how much money they or their employers  are getting from the EU and why so many of these people are in the London area and so few from up North.

We should call out such editorial bias and shoddy journalism. It is just EU  propaganda. All participants in Brexit TV debates should be asked what payments in cash or kind they are receiving from the EU. That is basic journalism that never happens. It was not asked on Peston this Sunday when the two guests were both rabid remainers, Mandelson & Woolaston. That is not balance it is one sided propaganda.

As for the oft repeated sound bite nobody voted to be poorer, ask who voted for Juncker, Barnier etc. Attack is always the best defence and remember Obama's slogan,Yes, we can leave the EU if we try. .


Stephen Harness said...

Len MucCluskey also gave a very biased view on the world on Peston last Sunday and Peston failed to ask for clarification on a number of points. I wonder if McCluskey consulted with his membership before representing their views on national TV.

Niall Warry said...

I'm amazed that you place so much faith in Boris as I doubt you would have been impressed by his track record had you been responsible in offering him employment in the B of E when you were there.

I grant you the man is 'fun' but he is also a liar, inconsistant, impulsive, disloyal and at times extremely foolish.

Eric Edmond said...

He is also very clever and a great linguist

As you obviously take a great interest in the BoE I can think of two stupid current women MPs who worked there T May & R Reeves. I think they may be more your type than BoJo

Niall Warry said...

I don't know how you come to that conclusion as I don't rate any MP at the moment and our MP and the Labour MP R Reeves are good examples of what is wrong with them.

As for Boris his 'cleverness' does not improve his judgement or commonsense.

If you reckon he is the best of the bunch then we have a problem Houston.