Sunday, 27 May 2018

Where the duplicitous Carney gets his dodgy figures

I used to give a couple of lectures to my students on how to lie with statistics. Carney has pushed this on to the outer limits . Click and read this great piece in the Spectator.

Carney is without doubt the worst governor of the Bank of England in my lifetime.

Political lying is now endemic in all our public institutions. The Electoral Commission  which is supposed to police this activity is probably the most corrupt. We are fast sinking to Banana republic standards. Read what Pritti Patel says about this:


Stephen Harness said...

Carney should have resigned when the result of the referendum was known and he probably should never have been appointed. It is hard to calculate the bill for the Remain campaign, especially when you ad up the freebies such as Obama and Carney backing Remain.
The Remain campaign should be investigated.
Despite all their money and potential intellectual input, the Remain campaign must go down as the most inept electoral campaign of all time.

Eric Edmond said...

yes, he should never have been appointed. My old boss, Paul Tucker would have been so much better.

Stephen Harness said...

The Channel Four programme last called "Carry on Brussels" gave an indication of open treason. LibDem MEP Catherine Bearder openly plotting with Guy Volstad to thwart the democratic wishes of the people of the United Kingdom. Carney should resign but Volstad should not be the chief negotiator on behalf of the EU. Openly discussing making the UK pay for Brexit indicates his position is prejudiced. Mind you the search for an "honest man" in Brussels may be an impossible task.