Thursday, 7 June 2018

Oily Robbins, the 5th columnist wrecking our Brexit

Oily Robbins was shifted out of DXEU in Sep 2017 to 10 Downing Street in Sept 2017 following a series of policy rows with DD over Brexit policy. DD allegedly wanted him sacked but no Oily was in fact put in charge of Brexit. Who shifted him? Only the head of the Civil Service Jeremy Cover up could do that and then only if approved by the PM , weak and wobbly May.

Is it any wonder Brexit has stalled, DD sidelined, and the big cave in to the EU commenced? May, a spineless woman of  inferior  intelligence is putty in the hands of two such Sir Humphreys as Oily and Jeremy. They are running the show and will ensure we will get a very bad deal and will be able to say we told you what would happen.You should have listened to us not those 17 million plebs. I hoe you have learned your lesson. We know best.

We can never have the Brexit we voted for with May PM and Jeremy Cabinet Sec. They both have togo. Oily should be sent to run the DVLC at Swansea. from where it is only a short trip to south Paddy land whose interests Oily has been assiduously promoting since our Brexit vote.

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