Saturday, 16 June 2018

Appeasing bullies always fails

Farage rightly calls Mrs May, Theresa the appeaser. It is a damage limitation strategy that is bound  to fail against the EU bullies led by Barnier. The Greeks who had been there warned us of this but May listened to our useless  FCO who have always taken  the easy way out of surrender over standing up for British interests. They justify this in the name of maintaining good relations with the EU over all else. To this end British fishermen's livelihoods were sacrificed in the shameful Heath 72/73 deal and they will be sacrificed again by May.

There are no fishing fleets in London  where the political elite live and therefore no fishermen'with votes either. The French would deal with this problem by breaking down the Downing Street elite protecting gates and dumping tons of rotting fish at the front door of No 10. Fishermen live and work a long way from Westminster.and its out of sight out of mind. We saw the same thing after the war when the monument to the 55000 men  of Bomber Command who died was put on Plymouth Hoe, 300 miles from Westminster where it could not possibly offend the Germans. The huge Polish war memorial in comparison is on the A40 about 15 miles from Westminster. Churchill to his shame approved these locations

There are millions of  second and third generation  Muslims in London near Westminster. A few of them seem to think  they can kill innocent tourists there whenever they feel 'offended' which seems to be quite often and also conveniently near all the TV studios for maximum TV coverage which is then  pumped onto our TV screens wherever in the UK we live. We hear a lot of Muslim anger and grievances but not so much of our fishermen's grievances. These Muslim so called activists are just as big bullies as Barnier. Both must be resisted if we wish to preserve our British values and way of life.

These Muslim activists are engaged in a Guerilla war against our country which can. and I hope will  be dealt with by targeted intelligence

The EU however is now engaged in an open  war against our country inspired by Napoleon, Kaiser Bill and Hitler. In modern parlance they are trying to reverse the result of the Napoleonic Wars, WWI and WWII just as Grieve and his 5th columnists are trying to pervert our democracy by devaluing the one man one vote principle. We were told that our government elite would implement the result of our referendum something many MPs seem reluctant to honour.

The EU plays a very long game something the vast majority of our MPs do not recognise. I went to Brussels in the mid 80s on a medical computing project. At that time the same Directorate was kicking off a GPS system When I inquired what was the point of repeating some thing the US had up and running and was arrogantly informed by the EU bureaucrat that we wanted European not US solutions to European problems. I pointed out that the G stood for Global but I was of course ignored.

All is now clear. Galileo it has a  a  significant military component which is obviously designed for use by Juncker's European Armed forces. We all know what happens when the Franco Prussians get their hands on serious military hardware. They invade other countries and will start wars again in Europe. Russia is part of Europe. Moscow is 1000 miles West of the Urals.

Hatred of the Anglo Saxons is clearly the driving force but the EU target will as in previous centuries be Russia. The French hate us for taking Napoleon away from them and leaving him to rot on St Helena. The hate the US as it speaks English, is democratic and lives by an English common law system. The Germans are more pragmatic and will use the French as cover but make no mistake they area dirigiste state and also want bits of Russia. They have lost at least twice in Russia and will lose again but at what cost?

When we had our referendum in 72 it was to stay in the European Economic Community, the EEC. Economics is now a poor second to the politics of maintaining the European Union , the EU. Our Brexit vote was against  the political union that is the EU. We never voted to join such a union. It was foisted on us by our corrupt political elite. Do not let Grieve and his pals confuse the issue. We want to leave  the EU but will continue to trade with Europe just as we have done these last 5000 years and will do for the next 5000 years. That's the real long game.

Let Mrs May say openly like Trump she will put her country not the EU, first


Niall Warry said...

This post is as good as the worst kind of tabloid article!

Leaving the political EU is relatively simple but, after 45 years of trade integration with our 27 EU neighbours, leaving the most complex and sophisticated trading block in the world requires practical, common sense considerations and not knee jerk populist rhetoric.

Tickety said...

Thank you Dr for another interesting article. The EU has advanced by deceit upon deceit. Treaty by treaty removing our freedoms and imposing their rule. ENOUGH. It is time to retaliate in similar fashion. I pray that the phrase, "Cometh the hour, cometh the Man" is not exhausted and we will see such a coming.
Thank you for your good work

Anonymous said...

Agreed Tickety- if only it were more widely read.

Edward Spalton said...

Having been opposed to our membership of the EEC/EU since 1972 and railed against it considerably, I think the deceit has mainly come from British politicians and that the EU functionaries and leaders have never concealed their ambitions for " ever closer union" - what is on the tin. I suppose most long serving campaigners would cite Edward Heath's lie about " no essential loss of sovereignty". But right back in 1947, Peter Thorneycroft wrote in " Design for Europe" that no government dependent on a democratic vote could possibly agree in advance to the sacrifices which " any adequate scheme " must involve . So the British people were to be led " slowly and unconsciously to the abandonment of their traditional economic defences". And that is just what they did to us - our own people,

It was a similar lie - by Mr John Selwyn Gummer ( now Lord Deben) which decided me that the project was phoney. In 1972 he told our Corn Trade Conference at Buxton that the Commonwealth countries, grown-up and independent, wanted nothing more to do with us, so,we must look to Europe. Our business bought large quantities of New Zealand milk powder and we knew that our friends there were not delighted to be losing their best customers. They had to be very quiet about it because they were dependent on HMG to negotiate a quota of NZ lamb and dairy produce with the EEC. Their treatment still makes me angry but in his memoir , one of our negotiators, wrote that they had wasted far too much effort on that negotiation.

With regard to our present state, I think it was our own negotiators who initially tried to play the Bullingdon Club bully with their aspiration to " have our cake and eat it" - effectively,saying to Johnny Foreigner " Now look here! We're leaving your club. Going to make our own rules. But you're going to go on treating our stuff as if we are still members, aren't you? Now be a good fellow and cut along."
It didn't work and the quality of our negotiators has ensured that the EU side can outrun them, simply by standing still in their determination to maintain the integrity of the Common External Border of the Single Market.

Eric Edmond said...

Nick Ridley, one of Thatcher's cabinet ministers described the then EEC as a gigantic German racket.

Edward Spalton said...

Yes, I remember it well. I have often thought we should have a Nicholas Ridley memorial lecture. Like Enoch Powell, he was a man who spoke an inconvenient truth and was instantly sacked. If you Google " Edward Spalton witness to history" you will find a video interview with Lord Walsngham who was in the Foreign Office in 1950. British intelligence was well aware that the European Coal & Steel Community included secret agreements between France and Germany to weaken British heavy industry and defence capability. He is an interesting raconteur. There are also my translations of the German papers " European Econmic Community", published in Berlin in 1942.

I was recently in Greece to address a rally against the dreadful poverty imposed by the EU. The death rate has doubled as a result. Everywhere we went, people from outside our political circle of friends knew who to blame - Berlin not Brussels. Peter Hitchens has a well expressed lecture on YouTube " The EU - The Continuation of Germany by Other Means" . I would claim to have been a bit ahead of him when I translated the 1942 papers which came to me in 2002.

Niall Warry said...

Well done Edward supplying facts not just rhetoric.

Stephen Harness said...

Excellent post with many truthful themes. However the EU invading Russia? Perhaps by stealth but certainly not by force.

Edward Spalton said...


Invasion by debt is far more effective, as is demonstrated in the Balkans and Southern Europe today.

Actually, it is a good old trick. Prior to 1914 the Imperial German government extended soft loans to Romania way above its ability to repay. The plan was to convert the debt into equity in the Romanian oil wells.

If you Google "Edward Spalton Witness to History" you will also find the war aims of Imperial Germany (September 1914) - to push the Russian frontier as far away from Germany as possible
by detaching non- Russian peoples from the Tsarist Empire (Think Ukraine today) and by establishing a customs union treaty embracing all European states "formally equal but in practice under German leadership". Sounds a bit familiar?

Eric Edmond said...

EU's activities on Russia Ukraine could easily escalate into a conflict. I doubt Trump would get involved so my money will be on Russia. They just have to turn the gas tap off just like the HK water tap