Monday, 11 June 2018

Why I want Swiss style government

First it has frequent binding referendums so there is no political elite, PPE based class system. All citizens are genuinely equal. The latest two referendums show this.

Note the first June referendum was highly technical and would have taxed the limited intellect of our corrupt duck house obsessed MPs but the Swiss voters coped easily.

Second all male citizens up to age 50 do 2 weeks refresher military training each year.

Third they keep their weapons and ammo at any armed IRA style attack can be resisted by the law abiding citizens carrying arms as per the second amendment to the US constitution

Fourth they never get involved in foreign wars and get their children killed as we did with war monger Blair

Finally they have always rejected joining the EU Fourth Reich.

Why can't we accept the Swiss have a better more democratic  political system  than we have. Ours is creaking at the seams and serves only the UK political and social elite. It was invented almost 400 years  ago when few could read or write. Trump governs the US and the free world by Twitter. Surely this is better and more open than the 1922 committee.

Despite being armed to the teeth Switzerland  has a very low murder rate. Every road tunnel is mined in case of invasion. If you want peace prepare for war.and get rid of our politicians in Lords and Commons.


L fairfax said...

I agree albeit I am not sure about national service, although it would be worth it to have decent Government.

Tickety said...

The UK Libertarian Party has just such policies. In their manifesto they also state that the education of children is the responsibility of Parents & Grandparents, NOT the State and that taking children out of school during term time and fining the parents would be ditched by them. I like a lot of what they have.
Thank you for the Blog, I enjoy reading it often.

Stephen Harness said...

We have a system that suits two parties and a little one. To maintain the system it requires financial donations - big business for one and unions for another. The 2015 highlighted how difficult it is for small parties to make a breakthrough and how stupid the system is. UKIP 4 million votes and one MP, SNP 1.5 million votes and 56 MPs.
The country has been calling out for a genuine party that is free from big business and trade union bosses.
Getting out of the EU is a step in the right direction and then our parliament will be tested because they will once again become the legislators.
Stuff the Swiss, it is our flag and we can once again govern democratically. No objection to referendums but the EU referendum has proven how flawed the system can be.

Niall Warry said...

You should therefore support the six demands of The Harrogate Agenda, to refom our system of governance, much inspired by Direct Democracy in Switzerland.