Monday, 11 June 2018

Its 1938 all over again

In 1938 we had a weak PM, Neville Chamberlain bullied by a German dictator. Chamberlain's policy and that of the Foreign  Office was appeasement. The Foreign Secretary Lord Halifax.was the leading appeaser. Chamberlain flew to Munich  in 1938 and signed over a large part of Czechoslovakia to Germany. The parallels with our situation  today are frightening.

T May is of course N Chamberlain down to the 4 am flight to to meet the Franco Prussian EU dictator Juncker, his French henchman Barnier and leading not for the first time to British humiliation and further appeasement.

It will be Northern Ireland that May wants to sign away. Lord Halifax is played by Chancellor Hammond in this scenario.We never learn.

Is there a Churchill to save us? In 1938 he was detested by the Tories. They turned to him as a last resort. It all fits..Churchill will be played by Boris if he is allowed to fulfil his destiny. He is the only hope to save us from the Fourth Reich and its UK Quislings. 

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Stephen Harness said...

You are right of course but Boris is no Churchill. However his time may soon be at hand.