Thursday, 28 June 2018

Two great articles in today's DT

Evans Pritchard


The German elites have come to believe their own rhetoric about the sacral qualities of the single market and the EU Project, even if a cynic might think it cover for mercantilist advantage.  

Amid the barrage of demands on Mrs May over recent days, we have a gem from the German Federation of Industry (BDI): “The United Kingdom is Hurtling Towards a Disorderly Brexit”.
Britain “has to accept” – note the imperial tone – the customs union,the single market, and EU law under the sway of the European Court. There is no glimmer or recognition that both the Tories and Labour fought the last election on manifestos rejecting such outcomes, and that violating this is a capital crime.
It sums up the German view. They want full access to Britain’s market for goods where they have a €50bn (£44bn) surplus, while refusing reciprocal access to services on the normal basis of "mutual recognition". They demand that Britain remains in the full regulatory and legal structure of the EU just to secure this dog’s dinner.
I remember Nick Ridley one of Thatcher's  cabinet describing the then EEC asa gigantic German racket. He was not wrong.
Imposing nil tariffs our side of the Irish border solves the confected Irish non-problem. Time to tell the Paddys where to get off.

The second piece is by Allister Heath the deputy editor. He sees Javid & Truss as the Tory saviours. I hope he is right.


Niall Warry said...

When will you realise and acknowledge that the main issues regarding our trade with the EU 27 or any other country for that matter are not tariffs but Non Tariff Barriers(NTB).

Eric Edmond said...

Views of AEP and A Heath

Niall Warry said...

So your put your trust in two hacks paid to write in a style and manner that suits their proprietor and Editor rather than Richard North who is not paid a bean for his extensive research and analysis and without doubt something of an expert on thge EU.