Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Why Brtain voted leave

A fact filled essay by Matthew Goodwin. Compulsory reading that conclusively  demolishes  Remainers  arguments.


This is by far the best account of why people voted to leave. The section on the background of MPs is very important. Goodwin lumps all Oxbridge together. More telling is that a large group of MPs, Tory and Labour did one course, PPE at Oxford.Where is diversity?

Here are a few quotes

Given all that we have learned during the past two decades, the idea that Britain can ‘fudge’ immigration reform and that these voters will return to the mainstream fold seems unlikely.

Retaining the status quo is clearly unsustainable, not least because it is eroding overall trust in our political system.

All revolts are symptomatic of deeper currents. On the surface, the 2016 referendum offered citizens an opportunity to express their view about Britain’s EU membership. But this always looked set become an outlet for broader divides that had long been visible, as well as a long tradition of instinctive scepticism toward European integration.

Most Leavers, therefore, had clear preferences: they wanted their nation state to have greater control over its economy and institutions and for immigration to be reduced, which they felt could not happen while the country remained a member of the EU.

Only one chart

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