Saturday, 23 June 2018

Unscrupulous UK politicians and greedy EU financed bankers are exploiting our children.

We hear lots about keeping our children safe on line but nothing about keeping them safe from lying politicians. This scum are trying to turn our children against their parents who brought them into the world, fed and cared for them. Young people are easily brainwashed as the Nazis showed with Hitler Youth which persuaded children to denounce their own parents for torture and execution.

There is nothing finer than the love of parents for their children Now our scumbag EU loving politicians tell our children their parents have enjoyed a standard of living they will never attain themselves. That is a very dubious claim that can never be supported by fact in their lifetime.

Young people love a good demo hence the crowd of the young marching in London today. Its a pity they were addressed at the end of their march by well heeled nonentities with half baked views like Soubry, Robinson and Miller.  They should ask themselves who has their real interests at heart, their parents or dodgy politicians..

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